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Sunday, September 9, 2018


The Ascended Master Jesus VS The Real Jesus, first part

Been part of the spiritual awakening community for many years, now that I am a Christian I truly understand that the road which leads to eternal life is very narrow! Those who believe in the personal frequency and spiritual stuff similar to that, fail to realize that Jesus Christ is the only way which can bring one to the true light!

Having experienced myself the spiritual awakening based on vibration upgrade, I realize how deceiving the New Age movement is. Many people are being deceived by the frequency based awakening.

The main purpose of this blog post is to open the eyes to the blind so they can realize by themselves that the ascended master Jesus is not the real one! Not only he is not the real one, but he is a demon, not a being of light like he or she claims to be.

The ascended master Jesus teaches consciousness, not real salvation 

As far as my journey goes with the New Age movement; those who teach it consider everything as energy, vibration and frequency. There is no such thing as sin in the frequency based awakening as everything is considered to be an experience for the purpose of soul's growth.

Although there is some truth to the New Age movement theory,  there are many lies to it; those who have eyes can see. Sin does not help one evolve consciously; it just leads to the death of their own soul.

The ascended master Jesus is saying that there is nothing wrong with sin and there is not such thing as sin. By doing this, he or she is manipulating the lost sheep.

Like the Son Of God said, "narrow is the road that leads to life and only a few find it."

The ascended master Jesus teaches vibration, not the word of God

Based on the theory of vibration upgrade which is part of the New Age movement, the higher one vibrates, the better are the realities that they manifest in the physical dimension. It is true that one builds their own reality based on their thoughts; but when compared with the infinite, one's reality is just a bubble.

On the other side, the word of God is true now and forever!

Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.

The ascended master Jesus teaches reincarnation and consciousness evolution, not resurrection

According to the New Age movement, one comes here on Earth many times, until they are ready for other dimensions. There is no sin, just experiences to cleanse the negative frequencies and darkness.

Although this sounds like the definitive truth to those who pretend to be spiritually awake; it is not! At least for me. I used to believe in reincarnation, but not anymore.

Reincarnation is a beautiful theory to deceive people so they can keep sinning with the pretext that they're in here to cleanse the darkness, to get ready for the higher dimensions.

The ascended master Jesus is an entity that is being channeled, probably he or she has never been on Earth

Ascended masters transmit messages to people through spiritual channelers. There is not any historical fact about their existence. I do think they're the fallen angels masked as light with the main mission of deceiving the people and keeping them away from the word of God.

On the other hand, there is historical proof about the existence of Jesus Christ. The Messiah!

The ascended master Jesus did not pay for our sins

When Adam and Eve ate from the forbidden fruit, they died. They got separated from God, from the infinite love.

Based on the doctrine that I truly believe, anyone who is not touched by the Holy Spirit, is a dead soul. For one to come to life, they have to be born again through water and spirit.

The Son Of God had to face the penalty of sin so we could be saved. By staying connected in Jesus Christ, who died for us on the cross, each one of us can bear good fruits and also establish a pure connection with the creator.

The ascended master Jesus is not God, just a dark entity

The ascended master Jesus is not the infinite light and love; he or she creates specific realities based on his or her frequency. For sure that the ascended master Jesus has power to influence a lot of people in the spiritual awakening community as they believe inner peace is being reached only by upgrading vibration.

Although the ascended master Jesus is influencing a lot of people who are part of awakening community; the truth is that he or she is leading them astray.

Having experienced the frequency based awakening myself, I know that the frequency upgrade is just a game. Only the blind can not realize that the vibration raise is a satanic trap!

The ascended master Jesus can not heal the blind 

The works performed by the Son Of God during his mission here on Earth, have deep meaning for those who truly understand them. According to the Holy Bible, Jesus Christ healed all kind of diseases.

On the other hand, the ascended master Jesus is leading the blind into a hole.

The ascended master Jesus has one mission, to deceive people

When one is not in the narrow path which leads to life, it is not that hard for false prophets to deceive them. Being a victim of the ascended masters myself, I fully understand how tricky the fallen angels play when it comes to manipulating spiritual people.

In the beginning of my spiritual awakening I used to get a lot of syncs through numbers such as 11:11, 22:22, 222, 333 etc. I used to receive the same syncs everyday, until Jesus Christ blessed me through the Holy Ghost

On the other side, Jesus Christ came on earth to save people from hell! He gave his own life for our sins, so we can be born again and become like little children.

The ascended master Jesus is about planet enlightenment, not the truth

Those who are still lost in the frequency based awakening will judge me for the fact that I don't believe in planet enlightenment anymore. To tell the truth, I do believe that planet enlightenment is just another trap of of the fallen angels to deceive people and keep them under control.

According to the enlightenment age everything is an experience which helps the soul to grow for the advancement in other dimensions, higher ones.

Long story short, the planet enlightenment philosophy is another trap of Satan and his angels to keep people under sin.

The ascended master Jesus is not a shepherd, but a wolf

The ascended master Jesus is not working to save the lost sheep, but to deceive them and lead them to hell. Having experienced the frequency awakening myself, I fully realize how tricky it is.

When one has not accepted Jesus Christ as their savior they are blind to notice the wolves, they can not realize they're being lead astray.

On the other side, the Son Of God is a shepherd; The Shepherd! He gave his own life to open the way for us so we can become one with God through him.

The ascended master Jesus is a soldier of Satan

Having experienced the frequency based awakening myself I do know for sure that the fallen angels have a lot of power when it comes to leading people to hell. Although most of those in the awakening community will judge me for this black and white conclusion, I am not taking it back.

On the other side, Jesus Christ is the Son Of God!

Final thoughts

The frequency based awakening is very deceiving and it gives one a sense of freedom, of salvation. In reality it is just a bubble in which there is a constant game of vibration upgrade. I like to call it the Satan's bubble.

Since there are many people experiencing a false awakening based on frequency upgrade, I decided to share this post with the main purpose of opening their eyes and also inviting them to the true light, to Jesus Christ!

In the second part I am going to share more arguments on why I think that the ascended master Jesus is a soldier of the Devil.

Feel free to contact me on facebook for help on your spiritual journey with Jesus Christ. I would love to connect with other Christians.

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