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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

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Super cute Victoria's Secret model who codes IOS apps, gets hate by computer programmers

Although there is a lot of constant effort by different organisations on gender equality, women still suffer from society's judgmental point of views, even in their work environments. No matter how skilled they are, the ego of the opposite gender is so fragile that the hate on their side is being expressed openly in different social networks such as Facebook and Instagram. 

A fresh and perfect situation which truly proves the hate of men on highly accomplished women, is the recent attack on one of the Victoria's Secret models. Lyndsey Scott, an African-American model currently working for Victoria's Secret, has received a lot of negative comments on her personal twitter account.

Her public appearance has triggered the computer geek community as they are very frustrated due to their lack of social skills. Being a computer nerd myself, I am totally aware of what kind of social struggle one goes through daily as an IT specialist.

Almost all the comments doubt her computer programming skills, something which the model is truly proud for. Having received dual majors in Theater and Computer Science, Lyndsey is living a great life while manifesting both of the professions.

Two of the comments which contain a lot of hate and toxic within them are being showed in the screenshots below.

Regardless of the hate expressed in different comments on her Twitter profile, the model managed to respond calmly to her haters. 

"I have 27481 points on StackOverflow; I'm on the iOS tutorial team for; I'm the Lead iOS software engineer for @RallyBound, the 841st fastest growing company in the US according to @incmagazine, I have a Bachelor's degree from Amherst where I double majored in Computer Science and Theater, and I'm able to live my life doing everything I love.", writes Lyndsay on her Twitter account. 

Being the first African-American model to ever land an exclusive contract with Calvin Klein, Lindsey has been featured in the most famous media outlets on US.  Not only is she known for her beauty, but also for her positive attitude towards helping others improve their coding skills.

According to different sources on Internet, the Victoria's secret model  is part of the project, where she teaches kids how to code.

It is frightening to see tremendous hate on a positive role model such as Lyndsey Scott, who is both beautiful and smart. While she is progressing with her own career and also helping others to make a change in their own life or make the first step towards computer programming, haters are wasting their time by burning themselves with their own acid.

Those who are still doubting her computer coding skills, should check coding resources on Lindsey's website.

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