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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

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Psychic asks guy to pay her $400 for spiritual cleansing, doesn't know he is undercover

People with spiritual gifts are truly appreciated nowadays, especially if their talent is given directly by God. Although there are many people who help others for free as they have received so; most of the professionals in the spiritual business exploit those who are not aware with the main purpose of making money out of them.

Having experienced spiritual awakening myself, I am truly aware of the spiritual gifts those in the community possess. Not everyone puts their spiritual gifts in good use. At least this is what I do think.

Since there are so many people desperate about their current life and their future, psychics are taking advantage of them by telling them comfortable lies in exchange of cash.

With the main purpose of exposing Psychics, comedian Tyler Fischer went undercover at many psychic stores in Manhattan. Completely unware of him being undercover, the Psychics fell for the trap.

One of them tried to project her thoughts into Tyler by telling him that he really needed spiritual cleansing; a service which was offered to him at a cost of $400. The following words illustrate how the conversation went between the two.

Psychic: Listen, do you want me to help you? Can you afford $400 and I will do the work for you?

Tyler: I'm not sure, $400 for what? What is that service?

Psychic: You need spiritual cleansing. 

As Tyler said in his video, would the psychics say the same thing if he went to all of them to read his Palm? For more, make sure to watch the video shown below.

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