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Thursday, September 13, 2018


North Carolinian mom refuses to evacuate her kids, they don't fear the Category Four hurricane

Each one of us has the instinct of survival, especially when it comes to natural catastrophes. There are exceptions to it, for sure! 

Surprisingly, a North Carolinian women has refused to evacuate her family as she believes in the strength of numbers. When asked by the MSNBC's  journalist on why she was refusing to move further inland, she answered with the following.

'From my experience, getting back into town after the storm is very difficult.  Knowing that our family and friends and our home are all here, we don't want to leave them unprotected for a prolonged amount of time. We are going to try to stay put.'

Although the women has a lot of courage, I find her decision extremely immature. Being a mother of three, she should be responsible and at least evacuate her kids. 

Make sure to watch the interview by clicking the video which is being shown below.

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