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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Satanists place statue of Baphomet on Arkansas State Capitol Lawn

A group of Satanists has managed to place the satanic statue of Baphomet on Arkansas State Capitol Lawn as a sign of protest against a 2015 bill signed into law that allows "the placement on the State Capitol grounds of a suitable monument commemorating the Ten Commandments." 

Many Satanists gathered around the demonic statue on Thursday; chanting "Hail Satan." The group of the Satan worshippers, is also supported by the Clintons.

"It's been so long! Happy New Year!", writes Chelsa Clinton to the ChurchofSatan on the Twitter social network.

Being a Christian myself, I find this act very disgusting. Not only is the majority of the world worshipping the Beast like God has mentioned in the Book Of Revelations; but people are also persecuting loyal christians in every form they can.

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