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Monday, July 16, 2018

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How is the Holy Ghost helping me to improve my life

Life on earth is a constant struggle. It has always been. Everyday it gets harder, especially if one is totally deceived by the system of the Beast. When prey of the low vibrations such as hate, jealousy, and greed; it is very easy for one to get tricked by their ego.

Not only does life without God get tough, but hellish! Being in the rock bottom my entire life, it is recently that I have truly anchored in Christ, and I surely say that it is the best decision I have ever made!

With faith in Christ, my life has changed completely! Through this article, I am going to share how is Holy Ghost is helping me to improve my life.

I no longer worry about tomorrow

When one lives their own life based on the image of the Beast, they face a lot of pressure from within due to the current templates which are based on dark energies and very low frequencies. There is a lot of psychological pressure most of the people face constantly every day; and nothing good comes out of it. Only negative energy!

I used to pressure myself too, same as you. Am I going to have food on the table? Am I going to have fresh clothes?  Am I going to have a job that pays well, enough to pay the bills on time? What does tomorrow hold for me?

Now that I have completely surrendered myself to God through the Holy Spirit, I fully realize that not only doesn't the solution come by worrying about it, but also the situation gets worse by worrying.

Since everything is energy, vibration and frequency; one manifests in the third dimension what they reflect from within. And when one keeps worrying, that's what they're going to manifest.

As the King of Kings said, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.

I am completely detached from the material side of this world

Lord foreknew that almost everyone will worship the Beast in the last days. Nowadays materialism runs in the veins of the people. They want to have the latest fashion collection, the finest car, big houses; no matter what!

People want the luxury at any cost! Blinded by the illusions of the ego, most of the people are living their lives based on their fake self. Powerless to go against the flow, they're serving the system of the Beast.

Looking for happiness outside of themselves, people are being driven by the desires of their body. Slaves of sin, they're being fake lovers and material worshipers.

When touched by the Holy Ghost, one experiences a rebirth. They become like a little child, especially when it comes to doing evil. Having experienced a rebirth by the Holy Spirit myself, I no longer base my self worth on what I own, or what I accomplish.

Thanks to the mercy of God, I enjoy the true happiness which comes from within. I would be a hypocrite if I say that I don't like having good things; what I am saying is that I have entered the Kingdom Within. I no longer seek for happiness outside of Kingdom of God.

Before the experience with the Holy Spirit, not that I was lost in materialism, but I had different temptations. Thanks God, I am now completely detached from the material side of this world; I use the material, the material does not use me.

I'm taking life easy

Being raised in an environment in which the vibration of fear rules, most of my past decisions were based on this low vibration. When one lives their own life based on fear, they manifest what they don't truly want, it is the fear leading them.

Although to those who live in the system based on the vibration of fear everything seems normal, truth is that life based on fear is dysfunctional.

Now that I am living my own life based on unconditional love, that of God,  I feel like I have escaped hell... 

I am taking life easy. I am finding joy in simple things. I am appreciating the things that truly matter such as my family and my friends. I am no longer lost in the Kingdom of Satan!

With the help of God, one can achieve all the good things!

I'm becoming very patient while dealing with the storms of life

Life brings many storms. People are running out of patience. As the storms hit them, instead of delivering their problems to Christ, they try to find solutions on their own, earthly ones.

Before my personal experience with the Holy Spirit, I used to get frustrated through every storm. Now that I have surrendered my life to Christ, I no longer fear the storms of life!

The Holy Spirit strengthens me everyday. I know that everything that has happened to me has a main reason; and that is to become like Christ.

I'm beating Insomnia

After my spiritual awakening through frequency upgrade, I was suffering from Insomnia. It was real hell.

With the help of the Holy Spirit,  I am finally beating Insomnia. The self control that comes after the experience with the Holy Ghost, is extremely useful when one wants to beat his or her addictions.

I totally quit gambling

I have been addicted to gambling for more than two years. Those who suffer from it, truly understand the life that comes with it. Any amount of money that falls in the hands of someone who is addicted to gambling, is being spent by them in the casinos.

During my years of gambling, my financial life got really bad. All the hard earned money I was receiving from the Internet, was being burned by me at the Slots.

Now that the Holy Spirit lives within me, I have total control to the gambling addiction. It no longer controls me!

I'm quitting drinking

At a point in my life I used to drink a lot. All the money I was earning from my freelance work on the Internet was going for alcohol. It was the solution to all my problems.

Now that I am being touched by the Holy Spirit, I no longer need it!

Final thoughts

Those who are slaves of sin view progression only through digits. It's all about material to them; they're blind to see the true light!

Being a fish against the flow and a believer in Christ, progression to me is to live a holy life here on earth. Not that I am a holy person, but with the help of God I am getting rid of many earthly addictions.

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