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Sunday, June 3, 2018


Three reasons why you should stop believing Tarot Cards, based on my experience

Being in the spiritual awakening part of the New Age movement for more than five years, I have come to the conclusion that the fallen angels stand behind it. All the truth which I am sharing in this website comes after my connection with the Holy Ghost, the true spirit of God. 

Before of my experience with the Holy Spirit, I used to believe in spiritual readers too. Now I have realized that the persons who are pretending to get wisdom from the angels of God, are channeling the fallen ones.

Although the Holy Spirit gives the spiritual powers to the one being touched by him or her, I do not believe that Tarot card reading is one of them. To be more correct, reading the fate of others through Tarot goes against the God's law.

Through this article, I am going to share the complete reasons why you should stop believing in Tarot Card reading.

Tarot Card reading is nothing, but witchcraft 

Based on my experience with the false awakening, the fallen angels have power to create realities for those who believe in them, consciously or not. 

Having power to transmit vibrations and frequencies, the angels who come as light, but are in fact demons; can easily manipulate the initiates by projecting different theories into them. The ones who have created the Tarot cards, are the same ones who create the realities for the spiritual people who get readings.

There is nothing divine about the Tarot Card reading

Those who do Tarot Card reading as a profession, pretend that it is the divine powers who give them guidance. Having contact with some spiritual readers, I know for sure that they communicate through synchronicities with what they like to call the guides, which in fact are the fallen angels who want to be worshiped and control.

Not only the Tarot is not from God and there is nothing divine about it, but it is from Satan himself!

God has given people free will

Each one of God's creatures is given free will. And if you believe in free will, you are the one who creates your circumstances in life, not the false guides. Not God too!

It is true that God may interfere in your life through the Holy Spirit with the main purpose of asking you to do his will, but he does not force you! You have free will all the time!

Final thoughts

Having been trapped myself by the fallen angels, I highly recommend to anyone in the spiritual awakening that they test the spirits before accepting them, because there are demons out there who come as light, but their true purpose is control. A way of manipulation offered as a divine one to the people by the fallen angels is through Tarot Cards; nobody can tell you your destiny, but you!


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