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Friday, April 6, 2018

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Signs all on earth is worshiping the Beast, Christians too

When one is not awake to the true essence of their soul, unconditional love, they automatically fall prey of the low frequencies which rule the physical plane. Completely detached from Kingdom Within, and fully attached to materialism, humanity is worshiping the Beast, and is also rebelling against the Kingdom of God. In this blog post, I am going to share complete signs which prove people is fully worshiping the Beast.

Everyone is thinking money twenty four hours

Being a little child with no ego like that of the most in the physical plane, I never cared about money. Now that I am spiritually awake, I have realized that it is the inheritance of Kingdom Within which has given me force to be happy even during harsh times in personal financial terms. Truth is that most of people is lost in thinking money all the time, day and night, as they is feeling deeply the pressure which the matrix is doing to them. They're completely lost in the Kingdom of Beast.

Everyone wants to live in luxury

Not only has the matrix pressured people so they can think about money all the time, but it has also pushed them to a state in which everyone worships the luxurious living as in material terms. The entertainment industry is transmitting constantly music clips in which materialism is being highly promoted with the main purpose of making people slaves of it. When I did not love myself without conditions, like God loves me, I was lost too in materialism at a point in my life. Worshiping the material, is a key sign which proves one is making themselves part of the Kingdom of Flesh.

Everyone is lost in sexual energy

Sexual energy is another form which has been proved to be very effective in human control since the beginning of life on Earth, that is constantly being pushed on the Internet and TV by those who want to achieve a Global Government. Everyone out there, especially teens, is lost in sexual energy. It is a very powerful energy in the matrix which we live right now, it is a tool which is used by the evil elite to enslave humanity.

Everyone cares mostly about their physical look

The truth is that we are all children of God and we are made of his light, we is unconditional love, pure white light. The matrix in which we are experiencing life, a prison planet, which I do believe is controlled by Lucifer, is about worshiping the physical, it is about living illusions. People is more concerned about the way they look on the outside, rather than taking care of their polluted souls.

Everyone is going with the flow

The flow which the Prince of Earth has created on mother Earth has nothing to do with the Kingdom of God, but everything to do with that of flesh. It is all about the physical with it. Money, cars, women, latest clothes. Eat, shit, make money, more money, repeat. No food for the soul! Emptiness!

When one goes against the Satan's flow, they're automatically being persecuted by those who is not strong enough to swim upstream. Almost everyone is going with the Beast!

Everyone is looking for salvation outside of themselves 

God said in the Holy Scriptures that the true kingdom is within us, his kingdom. Having experienced Dark Night of the soul, my ego is almost dead and I truly understand God and his Kingdom of Heaven. One can only understand it if they become like a little child, completely detached from the physical.

Truth is that the true salvation comes from within, unfortunately only a few can understand this as majority is lost in the Kingdom of Flesh.

Everyone is lost in their ego

The Kingdom of Flesh, which is ruled by the master of the power of the air, exploits the people by projecting into their ego. Almost everyone is lost in the illusions which the Prince of Earth has projected into them through frequency projections into their ego. Nobody is looking for the true solution, which inside them, instead they is trying to please their ego.

Everyone is lost in consumerism

Supermarkets is full, the shopping centers too. We buy and consume more than ever in our history, but we live miserable lives. How come?! Because the Kingdom of Flesh is being established and we are part of it. We rebelled against God, we are worshiping the Beast!

Everyone fears telling the truth

The truth will set us free, but most of the people is being programmed by the Beast with very low frequencies so they can be easily controlled through illusions. Nobody cares about the truth anymore, as majority thinks they should be only about themselves. The Beast hates us, does not want us United. Satan is evil, it is the total opposite of our Holy Father!

Nobody helps the other anymore

As I mentioned in the above paragraph, the Beast hates us and wants us divided at any cost. The Beast wants humanity to slaughter itself! I know it is harsh, but it is the truth. Being the master of the frequencies, Satan has managed to project low vibrations through our ego, so he can enslave us and pull the strings the way he wants.

Lately I have realized people is getting very cold, their ego has triggered them to believe into illusions, instead of unconditional love, God! Almost everyone is trying to save their ass...

Everyone has made sin normal

Nowadays it is those that don't sin who is being judged by the society. Can you realize the power of the Devil my brothers and sisters? He wants us to believe he doesn't exist, but he is out there, projecting through frequencies into our ego, as in the Bible it says he is the master of the power of the air. The Devil wants people to sin, he made it normal to sin. There is nothing wrong with sinning nowadays, it is so normal that if you don't do it you are being labeled as the fool of the society.

People is killing each other for the love of money

Everyday in the local news you hear people killing each other for x amount of money. Every day! It never stops, and it seems like it will never stop. Unless people start to believe in God, which seems impossible.

People is marrying only for the money

Being a little child who is against the Kingdom of Flesh, sometimes people trigger me very bad as I see the Devil in them. Not that they're the Devil, but they have been manipulated by the master of the power of the air. People is marrying with each other just because of the money, mostly women! And it is so ugly, so evil! True marriage comes from within, from the soul first, not from the physical side.

Everyone is faking it when it comes to money

There is no more honor, only thing people care is money! Here in Albania, my ancestors used to care about loyalty, we have an ancient code about it which lately I do appreciate in some aspects. Men back then used to have honor! And a man should stand for what they believe, not for Satan's tool, unless they want to become his puppets. Truth is harsh and ugly at the same time for those who truly believe in God and Jesus Christ, as money is the only thing people care about nowadays. Everyone is living based on ego.

Everyone wants fast money

Not only is people deeply attached to paper, but they also want it fast, really fast! There is a lot of mind programming happening in the rap music where entertainers spit about cash money and fast money. The teens nowadays is far way from the true reality, they want fast cash, but they have no idea what they're signing up for.

Everyone is living in hate and fear

Almost everyone is working and living their own life from low vibrations such as fear, anger and hate. The master of the power of the air is mentioned in the Bible as a worker through very dark energies and low frequencies. It all makes sense now, Satan is behind all the rebellion and the evil in Earth and in the Heavens.

Hate is a very low vibration which comes from true attachment to the material part of life on mother Earth.  People hate each other because they have not accepted themselves without conditions yet, like God has accepted them, for God is love without conditions, pure light. Infinite!

Final thoughts

As a little child, I used to ask myself often why God made the world like this, with sin. Lately I have realized that sin does not come from God, but from the free will which he gave us. It is up to us what we choose, Heaven or Hell!

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