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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

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If this disabled cutie proposed you, would you date her?

Nowadays there is a lot of propaganda going on when it comes to motivate women who do not feel worthy of themselves due to their physical look with the main purpose of boosting their inner confidence, especially in the spiritual communities; such as, 'the physical appearance does not matter', 'only the inner beauty matters' etc.

Truth is that most of the men do care how a women looks like, and the outer appearance is a key factor to them when it comes to dating a girl. 

No matter how hard those who preach equality try, in my personal opinion, most of men would never like to date a women who is considered to be ugly by society's standards. It is harsh, but it is true!

Imagine when it comes to disabled women. How many would be courageous enough to handle the pressure of the society and be with them? 

I am very interested in the opinion of men, their honest one. Would they go in a date with a cutie like the one shown below, no matter she is disabled?

Please be honest, the truth is harsh, but it will set us free!

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