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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

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False twinflame connection is a setup by Lucifer, here are the signs from my experience

The spiritual awakening does not seem as easy as feeling only unconditional love lately, as once you wake up to the point that you meet God, you discover a very shocking fact. The game is really deep, truth is that there is a spiritual war which has been going on since the fall of Adam and Eve from the Eden Garden.

The ugly truth is that spiritual people, many of whom I know, is being lost in raising vibration, in a bubble of frequencies and anyone who has another truth from them, is nothing but a low vibrational being who does not love themselves without conditions. I have been there and I know how tricky that reality is. Although I accept that salvation comes from within, I do not agree that it can come without accepting Christ as your savior, but that's another topic which I am going to share in future blog posts.

The purpose of this article, is to expose the false twinflame experience, which I do truly believe with all my heart that it is a clear setup by the second master of the Universe, the fallen angel whom God loved so much. Lucifer!

I know many in the spiritual community is going to judge me for this article, but I forgive them as I have been there, the path which they're experiencing right now was once mine.

Now, let's continue with the signs.

The person who is about to meet their twinflame has a weird dream before the meeting

Before meeting my false twinflame, I had a very weird dream in which the name of the person whom I was about to meet revealed to me. It was very hypnotic, like an experience from a completely different dimension. Why would God do that to someone?

The fallen angel, Lucifer, is the second master after God. Many think and believe that he has no power, but the Bible labels him as the master of the power of the air, which explains everything. Since the Universe is being built on energy, vibration and frequency the master of the power of the air can easily interfere on someone's life, like he does with those that he puts on the false twinflame experience.

From the dream that I did experience, now that I am completely in the patrol and guidance of the Holy Spirit, I have come to the conclusion that the false twinflame was a clear setup by the master of the power of the air and his demons.

The person who meets the false twinflame is completely obsessed by them

The false twinflame meeting is a very intriguing and energy sucking experience. Having experienced it all, I remember that I was completely obsessed with this person, whom I did believe to be the one.  Every moment I was thinking about them, day and night. It was a very weird experience from the energy perspective as I was feeling constantly drained and powerless to get up on my own feet.

Lucifer and his demons love to play people as they feed on negative energy, their Kingdom is a rebellion against the most high, the Holy Father!

The more energy one spends thinking about their false twinflame, the more powerful the demons and Lucifer feel as they feed on external power, they want to prove God how they can mess with his own children.

The false twinflame is under dark entity attack constantly

When I managed to contact my false twinflame, after being obsessed with her for many years, she told me that she was experiencing attacks from dark entities. In the beginning I did not take it seriously as I thought it was normal because of the awakening experience, but now I really feel sorry for her. And I hope things get better for her, of course with the help of God through the Holy Spirit.

The point is that the false twinflame's aura is manipulated by the demons of Lucifer with the main purpose of making people fall into obsessions for them. Satan's soldiers, usually pick good looking women to play false love tricks on other people.

The false twinflame has no idea about twinflames, or the experience

Those in the twinflame community, think that the person who is their twinflame has not awakened yet, but the truth is that they're never going to wake up as they have no idea what goes on since all happens in higher dimensions, the dreams and everything. It is the demons setting up and playing the entire play, it is them who pull the strings. Those who fall, and most do since it is a control from angelic beings who chose to rebel against God, are tricked into a bubble state as they think they have met the one.

When I asked my false twinflame if she had any feelings for me, she said she did not even remember my face. I was like, wtf?! We had so much eye contact!

There is constant weird dreams interfering with your life during your false twinflame experience

Dreams never stop during the false twinflame experience. When one goes through such hell, they see their dreams manifest the next day, almost the same as they did experience in their dream state. Although it seems like a cool experience to have, like some supernatural stuff everyone dreams about to go through, it is nothing, but a total control from demons.

Why would God put someone in such experience, in an experience where one has no control at all what happens to them?!

The false twinflame experience feels like an experiment of dark entities

I tell you guys deeply from my good heart, from all that I have experienced during the false twinflame experience, everything is a setup and an experiment of Satan's demons. From the beginning to the end, it is an obsession over someone who does not know about your existence on mother Earth at all!

Satan needs people in his Kingdom

Satan is wise enough to know and understand that he can never take the place of God, so he attacks his children, as they're weak compared with the power he has, especially when God's children don't believe in their father anymore! 
Lately I have come to the conclusion that almost all people have rebelled against God, although most is not spiritually wise enough to understand it, as they're lost in the flow of darkness.

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