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Wednesday, April 4, 2018


Complete signs you are God

Most of the people, lost in the physical dimension and completely attached to the earthly stuff, look for God outside of themselves. When one wakes up to the true essence of their soul, unconditional love, not only do they realize God is within them, but they also come to the conclusion that they is God. In this blog post, I am going to share complete signs which prove one is God.

Note: The fact your are God should no be confused with God The Father who is in Heaven, as I do believe he is the most high, the creator of all. 

You create your own reality

Based on the Law of Attraction, one attracts the reality which they vibrate from within. Every word which comes out of your mouth carries a vibration, it is responsible for radiating a frequency on the Universe. Just like God created his own reality, you create yours by the words you use.

You are unconditional love

Those who is attached to the earthly pleasures, for sure that can not realize yet the fact that they is pure light, unconditional love, the same as God. Having experienced the death of ego, I feel unconditional love around my heart daily, for myself and for everyone. Truth is that God is unconditional love too, infinite love, that's why he loves the Devil.

You have free will

Most of people out there who is deceived, believe that God has scripted everything. If God did that, we would be just marionettes, nothing more nothing less. The truth is that God created us in his own image, which makes us automatically Gods, but not God The Father. We have free will, every action in the third dimension is a result of our choice which is a result of the free will.

The Son of God said we are Gods

Jesus Christ himself, during his mission on mother Earth, said to people that they're Gods. The following is written on Psalm 82:6.

I said, "You are gods, And all of you are sons of the Most High.

God created us on his image

It would not make sense for God to create marionettes, as they don't have free will. The Holy Father, created us on his image, he created his children the same as himself. So, we are Gods. All the people is Gods and children of God The Father.

God wanted to materialize himself in the physical

As far as my understanding goes, God is infinite unconditional love. He or she wanted to materialize itself in the physical, so it makes sense for us to believe that we are Gods, since we are the materialized form of God in the physical plane.

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