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Sunday, April 8, 2018

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Complete reasons why you shouldn't open your Third Eye

The awakening journey has gone weird lately. At the beginning, I was more of a free soul, more like those Buddhist monks, but having being touched by the Holy Spirit, lately I have realized that there is a lot of deceiving in the spiritual world too! And it is truly important for everyone out there, to read my message, the true message which comes directly from God The Father himself.

Things is changing fast in the spiritual world, and it is time for the truth, the one and only. Although it may seem like a black and white view to those who is practicing all that vibration upgrade stuff, that's how it is, but I will explain that in another post. During this blog post, I am going to teach one the complete reasons why they shouldn't mess with their Third Eye.

There is demons in the fifth dimension, who suck your energy

Everything is energy which vibrates in a certain frequency, that's true. And there is dimensions, and there is creatures who live in this dimensions, which the normal human's eye can not perceive. Those who is spiritually awake do think that they're free to experiment with anything, as they do believe they're the same as God, so many of them is trying to open their Third Eye. Being naive, and away from God The Father, I did think that it was cool for one to open their Third Eye, but now that I am touched by the Holy Spirit, I think the opposite.

Once one opens their Third Eye, they see fifth dimensional beings and there is demons too in the fifth dimension. Demons who feed on the energy of others! You don't want to become their prey!

There is deceiving Spirits in the fifth dimension

Those who is on the awakening journey right now, don't realize the fact they're deceived too, in many ways. Being one of them, before the experience with the Holy Spirit, I used to confront directly any true Christian who wanted to show me the truth. The Bible describes Satan, the fallen angel, as one of the most powerful deceives, as he is the master of the power of the air, the master of vibrations and frequencies.

Spirits and demons who is doing the work of Satan, have a main goal, to deceive as many people as they can in their kingdom, in the Kingdom of Flesh! By opening your third eye, you make yourself a target for them. So please, don't do so for your own good!

It means rebellion against God The Father

The Holy Father, who is in Heaven, does not want people to connect with the spirit realm as he knows the consequences of it better than anyone, he is the creator of all things. By opening your Third Eye, which is described in the occult as the sixth sense, you go against the Kingdom of Heaven. The angels who rebelled against God operate in the dimensions which can be accessed by opening the Third Eye and their mission is to deceive people into the Kingdom of Satan.

You don't want to become a slave of higher consciousness beings

Not only demons steal your energy through the fifth dimension, but they also make you their slave and use you for their own works. I know that right now, you can not understand, as you think it is good to experiment with the Third Eye, but once the time comes for you to know the truth, you are going to Thank Me for saving your life!

You can't become God The Father

God created each one of us in his image, but we are not God The Father. The Devil deceived Adam and Eve, by tricking them into believing that they will become exactly like God after eating from the forbidden fruit.

Not only you can not reach the consciousness of God The Father, but you shouldn't think of doing that in the first place, as it is nothing, but an evil rebellion. Look how much this world is filled with sin, just because of the rebellion that happened in Heaven against the Holy Father.

You can't become God The Father, and you shouldn't think of becoming him!!! But there is nothing wrong with being unconditional love like him, as his spirit flows through you, if you choose to accept Christ as your savior! His only son!

Satan comes as white light

Having being deceived by the fake light myself, I truly understand how deep the game goes! According to the Christian Bible, Satan masks himself as pure light and deceives people by sending false angels and prophets. For sure Satan is very powerful, as God created him as a perfect angel, but he chose to rebel. That's why we are lost in this Prison Planet, which he controls.

Corinthians 11:14  And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. 

Final thoughts

I know most of you in the spiritual community is going to judge me for this post, by attacking me as I am preaching religion. I am sorry, but it is the truth. And I am trying to save you from the fake light! That game of vibration never ends, the only way to God The Father is through Christ, the savior! It is time that you stop being deceived!

I am carrying the cross, and trying to become like Christ, the true light! Glory be to the Son of God, and God The Father!

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