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Monday, April 2, 2018


Complete reasons why you should be happy for being a total failure during spiritual awakening

The life in the physical plane is based on the matrix templates which run on very low frequencies such as fear, greed, jealousy and anger. Since the oppression which comes from following this way of life is big, when one goes against the flow, they face hell for real.

Being a fish against the flow myself, I have experienced the whole time oppression which comes from the outdated templates. Having failed in college lately, almost everyone I used to know, is avoiding me as they is experiencing an ego based reality which for sure does not come from within.

According to the matrix based templates, I am a total failure. Truth is that I never wanted to become successful as in egoistic terms, all I truly want to is to live a simple life based on unconditional love, on pure light. And I have always been a righteous soul, always a protector of the truth.

In the beginning of my spiritual awakening, I used to worry a lot about the fact that I failed college as I was programmed since a little kid that without a college degree, I am nobody. Almost like everyone else, since we live in a society which is heavily mind programmed by those few in control of the entire globe.

The deeper your society is lost in old belief systems and outdated patterns, the harder is the beginning of the spiritual awakening. Being a total failure myself, the initiation of my personal spiritual awakening, felt really like hell.

Having reached unconditional love for myself and others, lately I have come to the conclusion that there is a godlike reason for everything that had to happen to trigger my awakening. The false twinflame experience, failure in college and the job loss. Everything was planned by the Universe. And I am happy for it! Why should one be happy for being a total failure during the awakening experience?

Only when you become a total failure you can win

Life in the physical plane is dual. For one to know and understand the importance of something, they have to face the bad side of the coin. Once you fail in the physical plane, you do truly get useful lessons which can be used in the future to make it, to win.

Only when you become a total failure you know who loves you for real

When one is in good position as in matrix based terms, they attract a lot of people to them, especially weak people who can not walk their own path by themselves. Almost everyone acts nice to you when you are at the top, but once you fall in the rock bottom, everyone abandons you! You have to experience being a total failure so you can test people and see who really loves you.

Only when you become a total failure you can get rid of fears

When one becomes a total failure, they touch rock bottom. Everyone abandons them, even their own family. It is truly hell, especially in the beginning. What can go worse than experiencing hell?! Being a total failure is a great experience to get rid of your own fears as it is such experience which takes one in the rock bottom so they can face life solo.

Only when you become a total failure you can meet your true self

Since little kids, we have been mind programmed to the point that we lose the sense of awareness about the true essence of our soul. As we grow up, we create a new persona inside us, a projection which the society has implemented into us through our own ego. And when we fail to fully become the someone they wanted us to be, the society labels us as total failures. Now the beautiful thing of this experience is that when one becomes a total failure, they is left only with their true self, without the persona which they failed to materialize in the physical plane.

Only when you become a total failure you can meet real people

As many of you on the spiritual side do know, Universe replies back with the same energy which you put in.When one enters rock bottom as they become total failures, there is a high chance that they attract real people as during this stage they meet their true self. And when one meets their true self, they reflect it in the Universe, which replies back with the same.

Only when you become a total failure you can detach from the matrix

The pressure which matrix is doing to the people, is forcing them to stay attached in the physical plane which is run by low frequencies. When one is completely attached to the matrix based templates, not only they're not aware at all about the true essence of their soul, but they is also completely lost in illusions.

When one becomes a total failure, they do truly understand how lost they were in attachment, and how fake their life was.

Only when you become a total failure you can learn to love yourself without conditions

When one becomes a total failure, they do touch rock bottom and everyone abandons them. Such experience comes with great lessons, the greatest being unconditional love. Only when you are in rock bottom, alone with God, you do understand that the love people were showing to you, was completely fake. Being a total failure is the best experience to learn that true love comes from within, and it has nothing to do with attachment in the matrix.

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