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Friday, April 6, 2018

CIA is after lightworkers, here is why

Being spiritually awake and having realized the true essence of my soul, I am waking up a lot of lost souls from the deep sleep which the Satan and evil elite have put them in. Truth is that when one realizes the true essence of their soul, love without conditions, they become a threat to those in control of the entire world, as light exposes the darkness automatically.

The cabal, works on low frequencies with the main purpose of keeping humanity under total control, in a Prison Planet in which vibrations such as fear, greed and jealousy is the main rulers. Almost everyone is lost in materialism, emptiness. Almost everyone is a dead soul walking!

Ugly, but true, the evil elite does not like the spiritual awakening movement for the main reason that people who is waking up is realizing that they were lost in the Kingdom of Flesh. Having experienced complete ego death, a little child in the Kingdom of Heaven, lately I am realizing that those who expose darkness with their own light and speak the truth, is a real threat to the cabal.

Although it may seem like a joke to those who is chasing the flesh, true workers of light, is way bigger threat to the New World Order, than what Osama Bin Laden used to be. Since everything is energy, vibration and frequency; what better way than to manipulate the frequencies can be to control the people?!

Satan, the master of the power of the air, constantly projects evil thoughts through our ego. He is constantly tempting us, so we can abandon God, Kingdom Within, unconditional love, and fall for his low vibrational world!

Why would an intelligence agency like CIA be interested in keeping an eye on lighworkers and the latest happenings in the spiritual world? 

Because the real war has always been spiritual

Regardless of the fact that most don't understood the war under the hood, truth is that the real war is spiritual, psychological. The cabal has a secret agenda for brainwashing the people so everyone gets lost in materialism, in the Kingdom of Flesh.

Because lightworkers expose the darkness

Satan and his most effective tool on the mission of establishing a One World Government, Illuminati, control humanity through low frequencies, through dark energies. They have managed to keep everyone in deep sleep, so everyone obeys to their law. On the other side, workers of true light, expose the darkness with their own light. They stand for the truth!

Because lightworkers is waking up the people

There is many people waking up everyday, thanks to the energy being transmitted by lightworkers. The more people wake up, the more the cabal loses power. Truth is that those in control, don't have any real power. Their power comes from the fact that people had decided to give them power by vibrating and living through the fear frequency.

Because CIA is interested in spiritual warfare

They want to know more about the spiritual energies, the vibrations and the frequencies. The more information they gather on spirituality, the easier it becomes for them to develop the latest tactics when it comes to spiritual warfare. Those in power is interested in the latest happenings in the spiritual world. There is buzz on the Internet, that the famous Tibetian monk, Dalai Lama is nothing, but a tool of the CIA.

Final thoughts

Beautiful souls, workers of true light! You know better than anyone else on this planet, the power of vibrations. Everything is energy which vibrates at a certain frequency. Be really careful out there while doing your missions as a lightworker, as intelligence agencies is after people like us. Just be careful, not afraid, for fear is nothing but an illusion!

With Christ within me, The Son of God, I can do anything!

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