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Thursday, March 1, 2018

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Why you should not tell people you are a twinflame

The concept of twinflames is a hot topic in the spiritual communities, especially in the lightworker online groups. Many people have found their twinflame, and many others want to find them. Although people like me who are awake believe and understand the purpose of the twinflame's mission here on mother Earth, majority of the people view the idea of the same soul in two different bodies as some fairy tale.

When I started telling people about my twinflame journey, they started to view me as some poor romantic who is looking badly for a love story, like the one in Titanic. In the beginning it did hurt me that others did not understand me when it came to my twiflame mission, but now that I have realized the fact that majority of the people don't love themselves without conditions, I know why they do it.

Truth is that people don't love themselves; they have not realized the Kingdom Of God is within them, they have fallen prey of materialism. So they ignore their true self, this way they ignore their beloved one.

Now let me list some key reasons why you shouldn't tell everyone around you about your twinflame path. It comes all from my personal experience.

Your twinflame path is personal

Not everyone around you deserves to know about your twinflame mission here on mother Earth. The mission is very personal. You feel it, but others don't deserve to know about it, they may even make fun of you for believing in such a fairy.

God has assigned you a path, a very difficult one and it is yours, not theirs. Everyone is walking their own path in this life, so stay focused on understanding yours. Do not bother with the fact that other people don't understand your path.

Most can not understand the path of a twinflame

How many people are spiritually awake? Not even one percent of the entire world. So how do you expect people to understand the mission of a twinflame? They can not understand at the moment as they can not recall their divine nature yet.

As I mentioned above in this blog post, majority has fallen prey of materialism, of the flesh. Nobody believes in true love anymore.

The twinflame is a fairy tale for the most

Since a little child I have believed in the existence of my soul in another body, in that of a women for sure! God loves me like he loves you and he or she knows what they do. He has created a twinflame for everyone.

The dimension in which we live right now is an earthly one, composed of very low vibrations when compared to those of the Heaven. Money rules everything on mother Earth. Such way of living, makes the twinflame stories seem like fairy tales in the eyes of the most.

And for the most it is a fairy tale! Understand it, accept it!

You will face pressure if you do tell everyone

The vibration of fear is a bad one. Each one of us on mother Earth have their own defense mechanisms which come from the sense of ownership, mainly from the low frequency of fear. The entire humanity lives in deep psychological pressure.

And every society has its own templates, its own protocols of how one should behave and live. I'm not saying a society should not have rules, no! What I am trying to say is that rules which are fear based produce fear based environments.

Twinflames are in here to destroy the outdated templates and bring new ones based on unconditional love so they usually incarnate in areas which need help. But once you express such stuff to one who is living completely in fear, not only they are not going to understand you, but they will also pressure you with their own ego. It is not their real self doing it, it is their ego. So forgive them. Better not to tell them about your path as a twinflame!

You deserve inner peace

Each one of us deserves the Kingdom Of God, that's why it is from within. Truth is that not everyone of us is worthy of it, that's why they can not access it! But everyone has it within them!

I do think that inner peace is the most beautiful thing one can experience here on mother Earth. With it comes everything beautiful the heart wants. 

When one deals will all kinds of people, especially with those on the sleep side, they face a lot of negative energy which is produced by inner fears.

So stop telling everyone around you about your twinflame mission, stop bothering explaining everyone your journey, unless you want to disturb your inner peace.

People are not walking your path

People are not walking your path and you're not walking theirs. The path of a twinflame can be only understood by another twinflame. If you're still on the phase of explaining others your journey as a twinflame it means that you don't understand your own path yet.

Walk your own path while others walk theirs.


I know it is hard, I know sometimes it feel like the struggle will never end. I have been there, sometimes I still get in that state. The mission of a twinflame is one of the hardest, but since God chose you for this kind of journey it means you are strong enough to handle it. Just don't tell everyone you meet you're a twinflame!

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