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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

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Why do we have many soulmates and only one twinflame

I have been seeing a lot of spiritual people believing in many twinflames. Personally I do believe we have only one twinflame, there is only one exactly like us out there, but I do believe in the idea of having many soulmates.

I am going to explain everything based on spiritual arguments why I believe so. So, let me explain it to you guys in this blogpost.

Since the moment we're born, we get spiritual lessons. The brain for sure does not function like that of a grown up, but the soul understands everything, doesn't it?

Each one of us on the spiritual journey, for sure understands the fact that the soul understands everything. The soul grows based on experiences. Everything is a lesson.

During our journey on mother Earth, we meet a lot of people, we go through a lot of lessons. Every moment we spend in this dimension, the Universe assigns us a lesson. Based on my spiritual wisdom, each lesson is set up based on Law Of Attraction, a universal law based on which like attracts like.

The people you are sharing experiences right now, is probably your soulmates. Each one of them is in here to help you grow, by doing this they grow spiritually too.

Why do we have many soulmates? Before materializing our realest version on the third dimension, we have to reach unconditional love. Many life lessons is needed for mastering such thing in the physical plane.

That's why God brings people in our life, to remind us the true essence of our soul. Each one of the soulmates, reflects a part of your inner self, your true one. It is their reflection which makes you look deep inside you and realize the fact that we're one, we're all creation of God. Masterpiece! Heavenly beauty.

From what I have experienced, every soulmate your share paths with, is in here to teach you a specific lesson. One may teach you true friendship, another one may teach you romance. Another one may teach you grounding on the physical plane. There is so many things a soulmate can teach you.

Since everyone of us has multiple personalities within them, although far away from the true one, based on what we choose to experience, we attract our soulmates. They make us complete in what we truly believe in manifesting. They're our soul based mates.

I strongly do believe that there is only one real self inside us. Such understanding comes when you experience the Dark Night Of The Soul, a scary spiritual experience in which one's ego dies and the soul takes over their entire life. It happened to me!

And our realest version can be matched only by our twinflame, since they're us in another body. Your real frequency can be matched only by your true twinflame's vibration. This is the main reason why I do believe in only one twinflame. All the others is false, lessons to prepare us for the true one.

Basically, soulmates and false twinflames, prepare us for the true one. They're in here to help us achieve the kind of spiritual growth which is needed to see our true twinflame, to match our true twinflame's frequency.

Like the genius said, everything is energy, vibration, frequency. This is how God has created the entire Universe. And he created only one real twinflame for you, Adam and Eve.

If you like, you can contact me on my personal facebook profile. I would be happy to help you, and guide you on the spiritual journey. I have been where you're walking now, that's what makes me the right person to help you. Love and Light brothers and sisters!

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