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Tuesday, March 6, 2018


Spiritual Awakening, why it is important to become your true self

Before the spiritual awakening, one is part of the matrix based games. They operate directly from ego,  prey of the third dimension vibrations. When one lives their own life based on ego, they have to wear many masks to adapt the games played in the low vibrational environment.

I have been prey of the ego based games too. At the moment I entered the spiritual awakening, everything changed. Although in the beginning it was scary, now that I am living life based on the true version of myself, I can say for sure it is worth dropping your masks off.

Let me give you guys some key arguments why it is important to become your true self, to live your life from within. Everything is based on my personal experience with spiritual awakening.

You get rid of mind programming

Each one of us has been programmed by our parents, by the society and by the mass media. A mind programming that has determined the flow of our life. Because we live based on the vibration of fear, as humans we tend to follow the crowd.

Almost everything the media tries to project on us, we materialize in the third dimension. During the spiritual awakening, by becoming your true self, you get rid of mind programming patterns that have been implemented to you since you were a little child.

You feel light

The more you become your true self in the third dimension, the closer you get to God. In my thoughts, God is pure light, infinite light!

By getting rid of masks, you do your true self, you connect with God, with the part of you which is the true one, the one and only!

You don't have to pretend

Almost everyone out there is playing the game. I was doing it to, until the moment I did experience multiple dark nights of the soul during the spiritual awakening. 

Playing the game feels safe, but trust me, it is a play. Just like the actors put a theatrical play, you wear a mask based on whom you meet, what situation you go through.

It is boring! I mean wearing masks. By being your true self, by living your true essence of the soul in the moment, you don't have to pretend, you become free like a bird!

You put your vibration on the Universe

When one follows the matrix, they are a projection of others. A hologram I would say. Harsh, but true. Most don't understand it as they're being caught playing the game. 

What is the point of living a life which is not yours?! 

By becoming your true self in the third dimension, you live your life from within, you put your vibration out there. I am doing it right now with this article, and I am reaching a lot of people on similar paths.

You feel alive

After entering the spiritual awakening and going through multiple spiritual deaths, I never felt so alive. I do feel like this life is what I have been looking for. 

There is nobody who can project their thoughts into me. No media! No parents. It is me and God, me and his Kingdom Of Heaven.

You manifest true realities

The realities in which most of the people live, is being created by a few groups of people, especially by those who possess a lot of esoteric knowledge. There is so many secret groups out there, working day and night to create realities for the masses.

By being your true self, you put your true vibration on the Universe. This way you attract realities that reflect your true self.

Only when one starts to live from within they can understand my own words. And I am truly happy to manifest true realities, realities that get manifested from within, from the true essence of my own soul.

You meet people on true paths

The realest stay with the realest. This is how it works. I know there is many people out there complaining about fake people, but truth is that they're being fake themselves. That's why they attract fake people.

After the awakening, I did met  a lot of people who made me feel home. On facebook, on youtube, on daily life. Everywhere.

Once you start to manifest your own self in the third dimension, true people appear like mushrooms after the rain.

You become authentic

How many people out there do what they feel from within? Not many! Only a few. Not even one percent I would say. How come?

Because they're working based on the fear vibration. Truth is that fear is an illusion. It makes one feels safe, but it is based on illusions.

By being yourself in the third dimension, you create your true self, your authentic self. There is nobody like you, you are special, like everyone in this world.

But what makes you even more special is the fact you have started to live a soul based life, not an ego based one.

Final Thoughts

I can write down more key arguments on why it is important for one to manifest their true self in the third dimension, but for now it is enough. The whole point of this blogpost is to motivate those on the spiritual awakening journey to stop falling for the matrix based games.

If you like, you can contact me on my personal facebook profile. I would be happy to help you, and guide you on the spiritual journey. I have been where you're walking now, that's what makes me the right person to help you. Love and Light brothers and sisters!

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