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Friday, March 2, 2018


Spiritual awakening, the beginning is real hard

Everyone on the spiritual journey, advanced enough to understand the importance of true and unconditional love, can easily recall a point during their journey, in which they had lost all their hopes, on everything. On God too!

Spiritual awakening is a life changing experience, it puts one on their true path. And the true path is not an easy one to accept as the society in which we live today has been bombarded with low frequencies by those in control. By those who want to keep humanity in suffering, far away from love without conditions.

There are many people who are awakening spiritually right now and for sure that they need guidance to navigate the third dimension, especially in the beginning as they may feel lost. They may feel like they're dying.

I have been there. I know exactly how one feels in the beginning of their spiritual awakening. They feel like their life is getting destroyed, like everything they used to know stops to work. Truth is that in the beginning of the awakening there is an event which triggers the whole experience, an initial trigger which I have explained in one of my previous blog posts.

Everyone is programmed through many different forms, mainly by the mass media, to follow a certain set of templates so they can feel accepted by the society. And when the initial trigger triggers the spiritual awakening, one upgrades to a higher frequency, to a vibration that does not match anymore the old realities they used to know. The realities in which they did feel comfortable.

In the beginning of the spiritual awakening, after the one who enters it has gone through the initial triggers, they face psychological pressure from their own society. The pressure is that big that one may even experience the Dark Night Of The Soul, a very tough experience in which one's soul battles their ego.

In other words, the beginning of the awakening is really hard as one has to experience the death of the old self, only this way they can rebirth and start walking on their true path. The thing is that the society does not want one to be their own self, the society wants them to fit the outdated patterns in which they have been programmed through subconscious mind programming. And this is the hardest part, to step out from the crowd, and let your old self die.

The death of the old self is one of the toughest phases of the spiritual awakening. It starts to die in the beginning, that's why one who is going through the awakening feels like they're losing everything. Personally I did fail in college, and college was everything to me. I also met a false twinflame in there. The failure in college and the contact with the false twinflame triggered my spiritual awakening.

And it was so hard. I recall dark nights in which it felt like I was dying, like I was losing everything. Like I was stopping to exist.

But it is when you stop to exist, that you really start to exist. Your old self has to die for you to come alive with your true colors.

So when it feels like you are dying, like you're stuck. Like the entire world is against you, remember my experiences shared through my honest words.

I have been where you're now and I know exactly how you feel! Trust me, I do! And I can light your path through my own spiritual wisdom, but you're the one who has to walk it. I can't do it for you! You're the one!

In the next blog post, I am going to share a few key hacks which help one ease the suffering during the beginning of their own awakening. Until then, make sure to subscribe to my website and if you can donate a few bucks to me for my work, please do!

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