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Tuesday, March 6, 2018


Soulmate vs Twinflame, first part

Many people out there are living a beautiful life with their soulmate. For anyone of you guys who don't know, a soulmate is someone who shares a similar vibration as yours. They're in here to teach us lessons, mainly for spiritual growth.

There is also twinflames. A twinflame is your mirror, your true self in another body. The famous greek philosopher, Plato, has written about them in ancient times. Not everyone is ready to meet their twinflame as it requires the kind of spiritual growth, only a few can master. 

In this blogpost, I am going to share the main differences between a soulmate and a twinflame and also give some conclusions in the final thoughts section.

A soulmate shares similar vibration with you, the twinflame shares the same vibration

Spiritual people who have met their twinflame, know what I am talking about. They know the deal for sure. Each one of has as a personal vibration, based on which we create the reality in the third dimension. While a soulmate shares a similar vibe with yours, you twinflame shares the same exact vibration with you, for the main reasons that you and your twin share the same soul.

A soulmate is usually a romantic partner, the twinflame is your true mirror

Usually it happens that the soulmate is a romantic partner, someone you share a romance with. Not that a close friend can not be your soulmate, but this is how it usually happens. You experience a deep connection in the romantic level with your soulmate.

On the other hand, your twinflame is your true mirror. Romance is not the main thing with them.

You have many soulmates, but only one twinflame

Based on the level of awareness one has, they know for sure that they attract others based on the vibration they emit in Universe. You may have noticed that many people, who vibrate on the similar frequencies with yours, make perfect mates for your, be it love mates or close friends.

Truth is that there are many people out there who share similar paths with you, so a similar vibration. These people are your soulmates. There is only one who shares the exact frequency as yours, this is your twinflame.

A soulmate is temporary

Since life is about lessons, spiritual growth, we have many people that we share similar paths. Once we learn the lessons with them, the Universe automatically creates new realities for you. A soulmate is in here to teach us lessons, to help us grow. Lessons is being learned on both sides.

Once you learn your lessons with your soulmate, there is no need for both of you to stay with each other anymore. A soulmate is temporary.

The twinflame is always with you, because they're you in another physical shell.

A soulmate can even be karmic

Although there is a lot of people in the spiritual community out there who don't believe there is karma between soulmates, I am not one of them. I do believe soulmates have karmic debts to pay to each other, but it is not the kind of karma you share with a karmic soul. It is a light karma.

On the other hand, your twinflame can not be karmic. You don't have any kind of karma with your own twinflame.

A soulmate mirrors only a few aspects of you

Each one of your soulmates shares similar experiences with yours, that's why you resonate with them. But only a few similar experiences. This comes from the fact that you and your soulmates do not share the same soul. 

You and your soulmates may share similar goals, similar views on life, but there are many key differences that make you totally different from them. I have experienced many soulmates during my journey here on mother Earth and I can surely say that me and them shared a deep bound.

Now, what about your twinflame? Your twinflame is you in another physical shell. God himself has assigned the exact experiences to both of you, so you can fully realize that the love comes from the soul, not from ego.

A soulmate prepares you for your twinflame

All the soulmates you meet during your life journey prepare you for your twinflame as they help you achieve the spiritual growth to become your true self.

A soulmate can be of same gender, a twinflame not

Although there is people out there who believe in twinflames of the same gender, I do not. I have explained it in this blogpost.

On the other hand, soulmates can be of different gender. It can be a your close friends for example. Not all soulmates are in here to experience romance with.

A twinflame mirrors and reflects your true self

The realest, the truest version of you, is mirrored and reflected by your twinflame. This does not happen with a soulmate.

When looking in your twinflame's eyes is like looking your self. That's why they're labeled as your true mirror. They reflect your issues, your deepest secrets. Your true essence of the soul.

A twinflame is your Queen or King

Believe it or not, we're all Kings and Queens of our Kingdom, of what we truly believe in. Your twinflame is your Queen, or your King. The bound between you two is blessed by God himself.

It is does not happen with a soulmate. A soulmate can make a great life partner, but no way they're the one.

You can cut cords with your soulmate

As I mentioned earlier in this blogpost, soulmates are in here to teach us lessons with the main purpose of spiritual growth. You both grow. The thing is that their vibration is similar to yours, but not exactly the same. So you can easily cut the cord with your soulmates.

You can not do it with a twinflame. You and your twinflame are connected forever, to infinite. The same as connection with God. We are connected to God to infinity, we're part of him.

Your twinflame will help you create your conscious family

For sure that you can create a conscious family with a soulmate too, but the true one can be created only with your twinflame, only with your true self. As I have explained in my previous articles, twinflames are in here to bring unconditional love on mother Earth, to create families which are blessed by God, to bring Heaven pieces in here.

Your twinflame brings a lot of drama when compared to soulmate connection

Because twinflames are in here to bring God's Kingdom on mother Earth, they incarnate in different societies, mainly in societies that have major differences. Especially in outdated cultures. Their main mission is to prove humanity that only unconditional love is real, the rest is illusions.

Truth is that the twinflame connection is so deep, it faces a lot of pressure from the dysfunctional patterns. It is the twinflame connection's mission to destroy the templates, that's why it faces pressure from them.

There is drama in the soulmate connection too, but not way it can be compared with the twinflame one. No way!

Twinflame is about facing your true self

While a soulmate helps you to face only a few aspects of your true self, a twinflame mirrors and reflects your deepest wounds. They bring something you never faced in your own life, your true self, your Kingdom from within.

I don't mean to downgrade the role of soulmates in your spiritual journey. They do play a major role in your spiritual growth, but no way they can put you on the path of facing your true self.

Final thoughts

Many people out there are looking for their twinflame. Truth is that to find your twinflame you have to look for your own true self. Once you become your true self, you automatically attract your twinflame. In the meantime, enjoy your experience with your soulmates. In the second part, I am going to share some other key differences between a soulmate and a twinflame.

If you like, you can contact me on my personal facebook profile. I would be happy to help you, and guide you on the spiritual journey. I have been where you're walking now, that's what makes me the right person to help you. Love and Light brothers and sisters!

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