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Sunday, March 18, 2018


Signs you're getting rid of your old belief systems, first part

Each one of us has been programmed to live a fear based life since little children. This way of living, is nothing, but a tragic illusion. It makes one believe, that unconditional love does not exist in here!

When one lives on fear, they wear masks to fit in the templates in which they have incarnated to have a human experience. It is not them controlling the flow of their own life, it is the scripture of the outdated templates.

Same as machines that get programmed by computer engineers, people are being mind programmed through many forms such as family, society, school and mass media. Only a few is strong enough to start and walk their true journey on mother Earth.

Being on the awake side, I am walking my true one, step by step. No matter if small or big steps, important is that you start to realize the true essence of your soul. Only this way you can get rid of old belief systems.

The following, is a list of signs I compiled to show one that they're getting rid of the old belief systems.

You stop caring about a college degree

Everyone out there wants to have a college degree so they can get a job. I know to most of you on the sleep side, I do sound crazy, but truth is that you have been manipulated to the point, that you can't see the truth for what it is, but for what they serve you.

You need no college degree to get a job. You need to become a professional to get the job. And life has taught me that you do the job by doing it, not by reading it.

From what I have seen, most of those who attend college, don't even like the field they have enrolled in. They have made such choice only because the mass media has brainwashed them with the idea that they're going to make a lot of cash after graduating.

What a big lie! 

You probably know that colleges make money too, din't you? And the more students they have, the more money they make. You think the owner is some angel sent by God?!

No! You have been lied, and you're being lied right now through television. They do it in front of your face, but you think it can't hurt you, as you believe in it yourself. It is nothing wrong with what they do according to you because it has become so normal.

During the spiritual awakening, one feels the true abilities within them. They find out hidden talents, which they need to materialize in the physical dimension, unless they want to stop existing and project fake realities on mother Earth.

Not that I have something against colleges in general. It is good to study as this way you enlighten yourself and your community. But it is totally wrong to go into a college only because you're going to make a lot of money.

Those who make such decisions, is nothing, but holograms of the matrix. What is the difference between them and computer machines?!

Personally, after the spiritual awakening I stopped going to college as nothing felt right at that time. I did come to the conclusion, that it was not my dream to become an engineer, but that of my parents. Once you realize that you are working to accomplish the ego of others in the material plane, it is really shocking.

Thanks God, he sealed me through the Holy Spirit. Right now I know the power is within me, it always was. I don't need a college degree to define myself in the physical plane. It is my soul which does that. But I may get a college degree, just to master a profession!

You start to avoid the pressure from outdated templates

After one comes on the awake side, they do understand that people don't look for the solutions of the problems, they just pressure each other. Forgive them, they don't know what they do. How can they if they're going through darkness?

Spiritual awakening is a great experience, a life changing one. During it, one realizes that the life they have been living before, on the sleep side, was nothing, but a projection of stronger forces. The templates of their society, most of them which they have inherited through their parents, has been the main way they have experienced life on mother Earth.

Depending on your physical incarnation, you may have faced different pressure than others, but truth is that there is pressure in every society. Some is so primitive, that they want to stop you listening to a certain music.

In the beginning of my spiritual awakening, I was processing so much stuff at the same time, that the pressure of outdated templates, imprisoned me in some kind of hell, from which was impossible to get out. But as I was progressing and growing spiritually, I did understand that the problem was not with me or other people, but with the templates.

We attract the reality based on the vibration we put on Universe. When one lives by the templates of their society, it is the same reality over and over.

Good thing is that once you upgrade your frequency to unconditional love, outdated templates can not pressure you any longer, as now you know how to get hate and turn into love.

The best thing one can do to deal with the outdated templates, it to stop processing them from within. By doing this, one enters the Kingdom Of God, where only unconditional love rules.

Old people fail to project their ego into you

As much as I respect older people, as much I don't. They think they know everything, just because their physical age tells them so. Arguing based on matrix, they're right, as we have all been programmed with the idea that older people know more than us.

They're so wrong. Nobody has walked my path, nobody has experienced what I have. And life is about lessons, age is about experiences. Not about numbers!

The older generations have been mind programmed way more different than us, they have been taught that one should be very tough to make it through this hell. And because they have been raised this way, they try to project their own realities into the future generations, into younger ones.

I tell you this. Listen to older people, but analyze stuff. Because someone is older than you, it does not give them the right to determine your own path. You're the one who is going to walk it, not them!

Right now, I am facing many people who is trying to project their ego into me. Older ones, for sure. And they're failing it. Because I know what I truly want, I know what God wants for me.

Spiritual awakening is the path I decided to walk on mother Earth. It has been so tough, but no matter how hard it gets, nobody can project into me. I know who I am!

For sure that old people have dealt with many life experiences, but this does not give them the right to determine the flow of others. Each one of us understands the world based on their own view, based on the path we're walking.

You stop caring about money like you used to

Most who is living an ego based life, has lost their soul to the money. Materialism is pressuring everyone out there to adapt to the new ways of living, to adapt to the new advertisements displayed on the Internet pages.

As we grow up, we see our parents suffering to pay the bills. Constant struggle! And we get the idea that money is the solution to everything. Being programmed this way, we stop seeing for the true solutions, the solutions within us.

Why would one want to have the latest smartphone, designer clothes and foreign cars? Because they feel empty from within, that's why. They seek external security. I have been there, that's why I know it.

Societies that have not passed to Christ consciousness yet, experience jungle. The stronger makes the rules in there. And it is all about power.

Having experienced capitalism in my country, I do know that money is the root of all evil in a way. And being a fish against the flow, I don't feel the pressure of my parents and my society when it comes to money.

Yes, I should be able to take care of myself. To put my own food in the table. That's it! I don't want to get rich so others can envy me. That's so much ego in there. I know, but this is how most of the people function.

In my own spiritual life, money is a tool. It represents energy. There is nothing wrong working to have it, just be careful out there, you may lose your soul chasing that paper.

You start to view marriage as Holy

Most of the people who is on the sleep side, marry just because it is time for them to do so. That's what the society says. And since not everyone can handle the pressure which comes from their society, only a few decide to live single until they're ready for the Holy marriage.

One should marry when they find the one. That's what I think. What is the point of marrying someone who does not accept the real you? The true you?!

There is no point in a fake marriage, but lessons. Spiritual lessons for one to understand the true meaning of marriage.

When we reach a certain age, based on the society in which we're experiencing life, we face the outdated templates on marriage. According to the majority, one should marry, else their time will end and they will never have another chance to marry.

As far as my spiritual wisdom allows me to see, for me marriage is Holy. It happens in the soul first, then in the physical. The marriage most people think of, is based on the physical first. Yes, a matrix based marriage.

I am telling you dear soul. Take your time, focus on yourself. Grow up as a soul. The more wiser you get, the easier will be for you to see the one. He or she is out there, you can't see them right now for the main reason that you are being lost constantly in illusions.

You don't care about social status anymore

Our animal instinct is so strong, we seek a social status in our society. Everyone wants to get rich out there. Almost everyone...

One needs to survive, I understand. But what makes me want to throw up sometimes, is the  greed of people to collect and collect material stuff. Truth is that they have fallen for Kingdom Of Flesh.

When one wakes up to their true essence of the soul, they realize that only unconditional love is true. Although the society pressures them to seek a status, they don't feel it. Kingdom Of Heaven is what they work for and seek.

Low vibrations such as jealousy, anger and hate is part of the matrix based games. There is no such thing as social status in the higher realms as there is no stuff like this we have here on mother Earth.

Personally I never cared about social status. Now that I reflect back, I realize that I have been awake since a little child. Being a fish against the flow, truth is important for me. Eternal truth, as it is this truth which will set the entire humanity free.

Social status is for those who seek external security, for those who don't feel complete within themselves. And if you don't feel good with yourself, you don't solve the problem by achieving something to show yourself to the society, but by working within you. By learning about yourself and what bothers you in this world from within.

Thanks God I am on the awake side. The heavy weight pressure which comes from the social status in the society, is no longer mine. I feel released, so released that I am feeling Heaven within me.

You dress simple, with what you have

The way most people dress, is projected into them from the television. Everyone is dressing the same. Those in control, use secret esoteric knowledge to play with the minds of the masses with the main purpose of brainwashing them.

When one is dressed with used clothes and simple, they're being labeled as poor, as someone who knows nothing about the modern world. In the matrix which everyone of us is experiencing life, there is dressing codes. People of a certain social status, dress a certain way.

When one gets rid of these belief systems, they no longer care about the way they dress as they have entered the Kingdom Of Heaven from within. The physical appearance does not matter to those who is on the awake side, as they have realized we are soul beings having a human being experience here on mother Earth.

Personally, I don't care anymore about the way I look. If I have nice things to wear, I do so. If not, then used stuff. Important is that you love yourself without conditions, no matter what.

Clothes do not define you! Clothes and finer things can not save you. After getting rid of old belief systems, one does not live anymore on society codes, they become part of God. To be more correct, they realize they're part of God. They experience higher vibrations which create the kind of realities where the way of dressing does not matter.

You no longer believe in politicians

Politicians decide for the life of the most. We, the sheep, and them wolves in shepherd clothes. Based on the old belief systems, one should vote to decide for the fate of their country. Now that I am awake, I do understand very deep how the system works.

Truth is that the system does not care about you, the system cares only for those who have invented it. They invented it for their own personal gains, not for the people.

Before, when I was vibrating in old belief systems, I did hope on politics and politicians. I was so naive I viewed them as heroes of my own country.

Everyone out there who is on the sleep side, works for the matrix. They like it or not, they contribute to the matrix with their vibration, with their manipulative ways of working, with their corruption. And politicians is part of the matrix. They're no saviors! Just wolves in shepherd clothes.

You do what you like, you become care free

For sure that each one of us here on mother Earth has earthly responsibilities. Truth is that the matrix is giving us responsibilities that damage our personal health, our spiritual health. Life is becoming so fast, one has no time to shit anymore.

The old belief systems pressure one to live their life based on the templates, based on certain codes so they can feel accepted and productive members of their society. When one wakes up to the true essence of their soul, they start to realize the deep mind programming they have been gone through, but not only theirs, that of their society too. Each individual is a product of their society, unless they're awaken to the true essence of their soul.

Personally, after getting rid of so many old belief systems, I feel so free, so careless. I used to care about illusions. I used to carry the weight of so many illusions part of my own society.

Thanks God, spiritual awakening showed me the true way, the way of light. Caring about illusions is not my problem anymore, and I feel like I have released a big weight. Indeed, I have released a big weight, which was weighing down my pure soul.

No old belief system can pressure me to the point they want. My light, is the tool which I use to navigate the belief systems, and it works so fine. Being a lightworker,  I do feel that some earthly responsibilities is just ego tricks.

You become authentic

The whole point of spiritual journey is to become the realest version of yourself in the physical plane. Everyone out there has the ability to realize that old belief systems pressure us into becoming someone we are not. Just because our ancestors believed a certain way, we have to do so. By living like this, one becomes nothing, but a projection of others. A hologram of the matrix!

For sure there is so many good things our ancestors did right, probably more than the ways we're doing it right now, but it is important that one becomes authentic in the third dimension, unless they want to live a scripted life.

My voice matters, yours too. When one gets rid of their old belief systems, they become authentic to the point their society fears their way of thinking, of viewing life. You know why? Because the society is still living based on the templates, they're seeing only from certain perspectives, predetermined in the templates by their ancestors. It is not their fault.

Try to understand why people fear your authenticity. Mainly they do so because your way of viewing life, not only that is not based on the old belief systems, but also puts them at a higher risk. After the spiritual death, once you have cleansed the old belief systems, your authenticity is so priceless, nobody can touch it.

The more negative and outdated templates one cleanses, the more authentic they get. Money can buy a lot of things, many things of the physical world, but the soul it can not, unless you sell it yourself.

Authenticity is a true sign which proves that one is getting rid of their old belief systems.

You no longer fear what you used to

The old belief systems is based on low vibration, as humanity before the spiritual awakening, has seen a lot of violence and wars. Fear vibration, is the one which is responsible for all the pain and suffering we go through daily. It is also responsible for the struggle of our ancestors.

Unfortunately for us, we're not in the Eden Garden, fear rules in here. Not love!

Because the old belief systems get powered by fear, when one believes in them, they automatically vibrate low and become part of a very low vibrational environment. They start to work on fear, they start to worry about illusions, about stuff which does not exist at all.

The existence of realities produced by old belief systems is only in our ego. And since most interpret the reality based on ego, they fall prey of old belief systems.

The soul has no ego, it is pure white light. At least this is what I believe for mine and those of many lightworkers I know on the web. Once one cleanses their old belief systems, they cleanse a lot of inherited fears. 

Inherited fears is responsible for hell. When one experiences them, they create their own reality based on fear, they live in a mini hell and based on law of attraction they attract other hells.

I did live on many fears. Now it feels like I have never experienced them because my vibration has been upgraded to higher frequencies, but truth is truth. The society from which I come from has been through a lot through its entire history, and it has a lot of inherited fears.

Since my parents had transmitted to me many fears, things such as without college I am nothing, without money I would end up collecting rubbish etc, I used to worry a lot about my future. What did I know about my future?

Nothing! I knew only projections, I had not experienced life by myself. I was a simulation of my parents, a hologram. Only when one experiences spiritual rebirth, they can understand my own words for sure!

Truth is that after I cleansed those old belief systems I had inherited from my parents, the vibration of fear disappeared from my own body. I started to feel so light, I thought I was truly in Heaven, there where the Holy Father lives.

You feel very light

Truth is that old belief systems pressure one to the point that they truly forget the true essence of their soul. The pressure goes so deep, one has to obey and wear different masks to feet in the scripture of outdated templates.

When one is not spiritually awake, they suffer constantly in the old belief systems. The fear vibration, takes control of their entire being. 

During the spiritual awakening, once one cleanses their old belief systems, they feel very light, like they have a new spirit. Truth is that their spirit is renewed, they start to live based on true essence of their soul.

If you like, you can contact me on my personal facebook profile. I would be happy to help you, and guide you on the spiritual journey. I have been where you're walking now, that's what makes me the right person to help you. Love and Light brothers and sisters!

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