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Friday, March 23, 2018

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Signs lightworkers is children of God pre chosen to update vibration of humanity, first part

Spiritual awakening has been a tough experience so far for me and for any worker of light out there, because the environment in which we are experiencing life right now is composed mainly of dark energies as result of low frequencies such as hate,  jealousy, greed, anger and fear. 

Although the journey is getting tougher each day it passes, with faith in God, lightworkers can accomplish the good works they chose to do in here before incarnation in the material plane. Truth is that there is nothing to fear, not only because fear is an illusion, but also because each one of the workers of light is a child of God, a pre chosen child to fulfill the God's mission here on mother Earth.

In this blog post, I am going to give you guys a few signs which prove that every lightworker out there is a child of God, all of the signs is compiled based on my personal experience with spiritual path here on the physical plane.

Lightworkers believe in higher realms where unconditional love rules

Life in the physical plane, which everyone out there is experiencing right now, is very dense in dark energies. There is so little information we have on Universe and other realms out there. Personally, as a worker of light I do believe in higher realms where love without condition rules, where there is no attachment.

Lightworkers believe in the power of unconditional love

Majority of the people is so lost in the fear vibration, that they have completely forgotten the true essence of their soul, the initial essence which God used to create each one of us. This fact does not discourage you, as a worker of light, you truly believe in the true power of unconditional love. No matter what!

Lightwokers is completely detached from the material plane

The low vibrations which is currently ruling mother Earth pressure humans to the point that they create the sense of attachment. Almost everyone out there is lost in worrying about having the latest stuff offered in the market. As a lightworker, I don't have the sense of owning stuff. I used to have it when the matrix put me back in sleep, but now that I know who I am, I have fully realized that everything is an illusion, at the same time, real!

Lightworkers is meek

Every worker of light suffers in their righteous mission of bringing the love vibration on mother Earth, no matter the temptations which come from the low vibrations. Lightworker is meek,  the same as God.

Personally I give a lot to people, regardless of the fact that it means suffering and struggle to me in this dimension.

Lightworkers is pure light

Each one of the light workers is pure light, that's where the name comes from. The physical dimension is composed of very low energies which create attachment. When a Lightworker comes in the scene, everyone feels their presence of light, an immediate change in environment's vibration.

Lightworkers operate from the fifth dimension

Majority of the people operates the physical plane based on the outdated templates which is built on the vibration of fear. Workers of light operate 3D directly from the fifth dimension, they bring higher vibrations of God in the physical plane.

Lightworkers help without expecting in return

As most of you may know, the majority of the people is highly focused on their personal gains. Lightworkers help because it is their mission to do so, it is their mission to make others feel good in this dimension. By doing this, a worker of light feels good too! Lightworkers don't expect anything in return for their help.

Lightworkers love without conditions

God loves everyone without conditions, no matter what! I am not saying that Lightworkers love everyone like God, but for sure that their unconditional love is very close to his or her love.

Lightworkers suffer for others

The same as God who wants humanity to live based on love, lightworkers want that too. But since life in this dimension is not based on love, it is far away from unconditional love, things is a bit complicated and a lot of suffering is involved. God suffers in infinite, lightworkers do too!

Lightworkers light the path of others

God has many ways to light the path of someone who is experiencing life on mother Earth, mostly through angel messengers. Another way is through workers of light. Personally, I have guided and still guiding so many people in their spiritual awakening paths.

Lightworkers is like little children

Most of those on the awake side do know that for one to enter the Kingdom of Love, they have to become like little children. Almost every worker of light I know is like a little child in the third dimension. Little children is innocent, pure white light. They have no ego, no sense of attachment in the physical plane.

Lightworkers is God's essence on mother Earth

Believe it or not, every worker of light on mother Earth represents God's essence, because God is pure light, unconditional love. Infinite light!

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