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Sunday, March 18, 2018


Show your true self, only this way you can materialize your true dreams

Most of the people out there, unaware of their true self, of their true essence of the soul, is putting multiple masks on, to feet in the matrix, where outdated templates rule. They are scared of putting their true vibration out there because we have been programmed with the fear frequency since little children, it is not their fault!

When one is not aware of Heavenly energies, they can not understand how important it is for one to live their life based on high vibrations as love, sharing and caring. Fear pressures the majority to think that by living life based on unconditional love, they're showing fear.

When in fact it is the opposite. A lion of unconditional love, understands this very well as it is main part of their mission here on mother Earth. At the moment, the majority can not understand as they have not experienced unconditional love yet.

God has not worked through them yet, to give them the rebirth of the spirit, a new spirit. Personally, I have been fully awake since 2013, and I do understand how important it is for me to become the realest version of myself.

Only this way I am doing me in the physical plane, only this way I am not falling for matrix based games. Only this way one can walk their true path on mother Earth.

Truth is that each one of us puts their vibration out there, based on law of attraction, universe replies back with the same energy. That's how it works. And think about it, if you put your masks on, what kind of realities are you going to attract?

Fake realities, that's for sure! I have been there, I know what you're going through. You are tired of the fake people out there, but you don't understand yet that it is you who attracts them. Fake attracts fake, real attracts real.

It is a law. A universal one. So start to meditate on yourself, cleanse the masks, wear the true essence of your soul. Start to live based on your realest version, everything will flow like you want it.

Trust me!

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