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Monday, March 26, 2018


Practical Hacks to get rid of low vibrations during spiritual awakening

Mother Earth has been suffering for centuries from the low vibrations such as fear, greed, jealousy, anger and hate. Having experienced life through old belief systems, I know for sure how one feels when they live their human experience mainly based on outdated patterns which is implemented in one's ego.  

The main reason for our suffering is low vibrations and the idea that we own stuff in the material plane, when the pure truth is that we're spiritual beings having a human experience. In this blog post, I am going to share some hacks, which have helped me to get rid of low vibrations during my spiritual awakening.

Take a look at your childhood photo album

As the King of Kings said, one should become like little children for them to discover and enter the Kingdom of God from within. During the spiritual awakening, one experiences a lot of toxic situations which comes from the low vibrations being inherited in them from their parents and the society. Personally, as a little child, lately I am going through my photo albums. Viewing my photos taken during my childhood, it is helping me to stay constantly innocent in this hell.

Interact daily with little children

Little children is so pure and innocent, completely with no ego, that they can make the Devil bow down to God. The heavenly energy which they constantly radiate in the physical environment, not only helps those who is in deep sleep, but also those on the spiritual side. Interacting daily with little children, is super beneficial for your awakening journey, as they reflect and give unconditional love, same as God. Make sure to be close to little children, fear no ego projections of the society, for they're nothing, but illusions.

Everyday I wake up, I salute the little children who play close to my house.

Get out in Nature

Mother Nature is the perfect place where one can easily feel the presence of God. The pure silence which it offers, helps one concentrate on the beautiful part of the journey here on the physical plane, where low vibrations rule everything. Lately the evil elite, is pressuring humanity to the point that one has no time for Nature anymore.Almost everyone is busy surfing the Internet on their smartphones, bombarded by the low frequencies which they're not conscious about yet. There is a hill close to my area which I do visit very often. The fresh air in there, helps me to breathe fine and cleanse my lungs from the toxic which I get in the capital city of Albania, Tirana.

Drink lots of water

Water helps a lot in cleansing one's toxic. As spiritual beings having a human experience on mother Earth, we do collect a lot of negativity and toxic, daily. Our bodies have a vibration too, it is not only the soul which has one. Everything is energy, vibration and frequency. I know many of you on the sleep side may joke about this hack, but truth is that it works. No matter how much love you have for energetic drinks, in the end you need water. It is the perfect toxic cleanser one can have. So, make sure to drink a lot of water during your awakening. I do it very often, right now I have a big glass of water in front of me.

Spend time with yourself

During the spiritual awakening, one needs to spend time with their true self so they can stop feeling the pressure which comes from the outdated templates run by the matrix. By spending time alone, one feels more sure about the unconditional love which they're, about the true essence of their soul. Lonely time, not only it does help one to avoid the dark energies of the low vibrational planet, but also recharge back with high vibrations, with Highly vibrations which is being sent directly from God. Personally, I love being alone. Truth is that when I am alone in my room, I connect with everything, with God.

Hug your parents or close friends

Although we have reached unconditional love for ourselves, and for sure for others too, truth is that we still need that human attachment at some point. Parents and close friends love you without conditions, they give back high vibrations to you. Having being detached from my family due to the spiritual awakening experience, lately I do feel that I need their love. So I am playing and hugging them, the same as I did when I was a little child. Deep inside, everyone of us is a little child, it is the matrix which pressures us to grow up into egoistic animals. So please, hug your parents, and your friends too if that's possible.

Interact heavily with other lightworkers

We are not alone in the mission of updating our personal vibration and that of mother Earth. Although during tough times it may seem or feel so, truth is that we're not. Lightworkers who is living fully in light out there, would be happy to help you by sending healing energy whenever you may need it so you can stay centered in love. Dear beautiful soul, make sure to chat and interact heavily with other workers of light during your spiritual awakening journey. We're all together in this. There is many people who have helped me in my spiritual path. There is so many people I have helped in their spiritual path. If you need me, I will be there for you!

Listen to high vibrational music

The mainstream music which is put out there by the evil elite, is being used to transmit low frequencies so they can keep us in the Prison Planet. Thanks God, there is workers of light who is materializing their true self through many different forms, one of them being high vibrational music which one can easily find on Youtube for free. During your awakening, the soul and body have a deep desire to cleanse from the low frequencies, so make sure to search for high frequency music and listen to it. It is helping me a lot. So much that I always listen to it every time I do experience dark earthly energies.

Remind the true essence of your soul through spiritual quotes

God created the world with words. Although the majority does not fully realize the power of the words, those who is spiritually awake easily understands the energy of the words. Truth is that each word we use, is responsible for a vibration drop on the Universe. Spiritual quotes, can help one remind themselves the true essence of their soul, which is pure light. To cleanse low vibrations from your body and your soul, it is important that you read spiritual quotes, which comes from the experience of others with their spiritual journey in this dimension.

A facebook page which I am managing right now, is full of quotes for lightworkers. Feel free to visit and update your vibration through it.

Remove toxic people from your life

Although as workers of light we love without conditions, it is important that you set boundaries with people, so you can protect yourself. There is so many out there who is eager to exploit you for being pure light in the physical plane. I know it may sound harsh to remove toxic people from your life, but truth is that if you don't love yourself you can not love another one. Taking care of your personal vibration is most important thing for your as a lightworker. You can help yourself and other only by being healthy, both spiritually and physically.

Eat fresh fruits

The food we eat is responsible for the vibration of our body. The healthier we eat, the higher we vibrate in the physical. It is truly important for your as a spiritual person to eat fresh fruits. Although I am financially broke right now, in the rock bottom, whenever I find the chance to eat fresh fruits I do so. I feel my body needs them. The stuff which we buy in the market, is full of low vibrations to dumb us down so the evil elite can easily manipulate us while they push their secret agendas.

Drink lots of water

Again?! Yes, again! I am going to remind you guys about water again. It is truly important that you do so. Water is so powerful it helps one detoxing from the toxic which they have inherited from the past. When one drinks lots of water, they feel like their body is being born again. And it is true!

Stay detached from the physical as much as possible

In the beginning of my spiritual journey, there was times when I was floating. I mean my soul. It scared me at some point, but right now I want it to happen again as I feel I am grounding too much in the physical. Grounding on mother Earth is truly important, for sure! But whenever you have the chance, stay in higher realms. It is the visits in higher realms that truly reminds you the true essence of your soul. One way to connect with the higher realms is though your higher self, by meditation.

Ask your angelic guides

Truth is that each one of us has their own guardian angels. During the spiritual awakening, they guide one on their path, by sending specific number sequences such as 222, 11:11, 333, 444, 555, 777, 888 etc. Each one of the code has its own meaning, depending on the stage of spiritual awakening one is going through. If lately you feel like you are falling for low vibrations and you need to cleanse them immediately, feel free to ask your angels to send messages to you. Trust me, it works, unless you don't believe in it yourself.

Practice a passion which is not money related

We can make money of our passion too, but right now we should be busy on working on ourselves, so can fully cleanse our body and soul from the low vibrations. Only by doing this, we can live a spiritual life based fully on unconditional love. Practicing a passion during the spiritual awakening, not only does it help you become better at it, but also it helps to stay focused in the truths of this world, it helps to stay centered in love.

Reconnect with your higher self

It is going to be a time during your spiritual journey, when the low vibrations will try to pull you back in the toxic environment, which is run by darkness and evil. Your higher self knows everything! Try to reconnect with your higher self, and you are going to be fully detached from the third dimension. When one is detached from earthly pleasures, materialism and attachment, they can fully experience love without conditions.

Analyze the root of your low vibrations

Although we are workers of light, truth is that we're experiencing life as humans in a very low vibrational plane. You like it or not, we fall prey of low vibrations too. Not like most do, but we do fall. At least, this reality is true for me. By doing a traceback on why you're experiencing low vibrations such as hate, greed or jealousy, you can easily get rid of them. Only when you understand why the problem is being born, you can solve it.

Fear not of being poor

During my spiritual awakening, I had to lose everything. My money, my job! It is such loss which helped me detach and realize the truth for what it is, not for what the evil elite wants it to be for you. So fear not of being poor, it is when you become poor that you realize everything. I am not saying that you should stay poor as such stuff does not make sense, but fear not of being poor. Only by overcoming this fear you can stay detached and avoid the low vibrations.

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