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Wednesday, March 7, 2018


Not everyone is ready for unconditional love

The plane in which we are experiencing life right now, is a very low vibrational one. We have been programmed based on fear, so our actions and decisions is based on this low frequency. Based on my spiritual understanding, the main reason Earth is a chaotic, dysfunctional planet,  is the fear vibration.

Because each one of is attached to the material world, to a certain degree, we fear losing stuff. Our main concern, is survival. It does not function like this in Heaven!

Not everyone can understand! Most don't! You know why dear lightworker? Because they have not experienced what you have, they're not on the level of self awareness which helps to see the truth for what it is.

A lot of mind programming happens in there daily. And it does not stop. Everyone is chasing the paper. Paper, paper!

More paper! More, more... I don't mean to judge. There is nothing wrong with having money, but you have to love yourself first. With or without money! 

Truth is that not everyone out there is ready to love their self without conditions, unless they lose the sense of the ownership. But they have to pass to Christ consciousness, they have to become like the savior. Only by doing this they can save themselves.

Having progressed a lot on my spiritual journey, I see so many lost souls out there. I can easily read their faces, I can see through their auras. And they're not happy!

They're not ready for unconditional love, they reject it! They reject the love you offer to them because their fear tells them to do so. Forgive them and do your thing!

If you like, you can contact me on my personal facebook profile. I would be happy to help you, and guide you on the spiritual journey. I have been where you're walking now, that's what makes me the right person to help you. Love and Light brothers and sisters!

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