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Thursday, March 29, 2018

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Kim Kardashian is a servant of Satan, here is the proof

Although I am spiritually awake and I do believe in love without conditions, lately I am starting to realize deeply the existence of evil in this low vibrational dimension. After entering the Kingdom Within, I have come to the conclusion that majority of humanity has fallen for materialism, for the Kingdom of Flesh.

Entertainers play a major role in keeping the Kingdom of Satan alive. They do contribute to the matrix mostly by promoting their luxurious life, so people can start and worship them, the material.

There is no wondering why almost everyone out there is chasing money!

Bombarded by low frequencies through television and internet, majority is living their life based on ego, based on projections which the evil elite is doing to them. What has all this anything to do with the famous entertainer, Kim Kardashian?

Let me explain to you guys in a simple way so anyone out there can understand. Illuminati and different secret societies with the main goal of controlling the entire humanity, project illusions into human's ego so they can brainwash them. By brainwashing people, the evil elite can easily control the sheep and determine their flow of life. There is many ways the evil elite is using to keep humanity under total control.

One way is through music entertainment and entertainers. As you know, people nowadays is worshipping entertainers to the point that they're even trying to look exactly like them. Almost everyone is brainwashed to the point that they worship materialism, they have lost their soul to the Devil.

Kim Kardashian has made a name for herself in the American entertainment industry, by exposing her physical charm since the very beginning of her career. Personally, I know her of some porn video of her which went viral on the Internet.

Kim, my dear spiritual brothers and sisters, is nothing, but a tool of Illuminati and Satan to invite and force people into Kingdom of Flesh.

Those have managed to experience death of ego and have also realized the true essence of their soul, know for sure that the Devil has built his Kingdom on the material part, not in love without conditions, but on flesh.

And who better than Kim Kardashian can invite people into the Kingdom of Flesh?! The sexual libido she triggers into men, is perfect for Satan's mission. 

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