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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Immortal 5000 years old man still alive in India

Life in the physical dimension has a beginning and an end, but the soul does not have one. Everyone one of us knows that our days are in a way numbered. We are limited, this is how God decided for us. Of course in the physical plane, because in the Kingdom Of Heaven we live forever with our holy Father.

Although most of us is limited in the Earth plane, there is a lot of rumors going around, about an immortal man who is still alive in India.

According to the Indian ancient mythology, those who are said to be immortal is known as Chiranjeev in Sanskrit language. The man, this article refers to, was one of them, he was a Chiranjeev. That's what the legend says.

The man's name is Ashwathama. The legend says he was cursed to immortality and extreme suffering without love from anybody.

For more on Ashwathama's story, follow this link.

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