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Saturday, March 3, 2018

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Hacks for Lightworker to become Spiritual Warrior, first part

As a lightworker, one faces a lot of hardships when it comes to navigating the third dimension which is ruled by low frequencies such as anger, jealousy, hate and materialism.  Sometimes it feels so hard, impossible to move forward in this dimension.

Workers of white light want to bring God's kingdom on mother Earth, they dislike manipulation and darkness, especially the evil elite which has been in control of humanity for many centuries. Truth is that mother Earth is a very low vibrational planet, there is no place for love without conditions in here. Or let's say it is impossible for unconditional love to live in here.

Although I find it hard to become a spiritual warrior, I think it is time for me and other lightworkers, to accept the fact that evil must be faced, not avoided. In this blog post, I am going to share some useful hacks for every lightworker who wants to be a warrior with the main purpose of serving God here on Earth.

Learn to say no to others

Harsh, but true, people like to use each other as they have a lot of insecurities within them. Lightworkers make an easy target for anyone who is out there surviving by exploiting nice people. I know you find joy in helping others, but it is time for you to learn to say no.

Say no! Learn to say no! By saying yes the whole time, one puts their self in a position from which they can be easily exploited and used.

Personally I have helped a lot of people who did not deserve to be helped, but I did. Do I regret it? Of course not! I don't regret it at all, but from now on I am helping only those who deserve my unconditional care.

I think I am being very clear. And you have to learn to say no. The time is now!

Face people and situations

As  a worker of light, you don't like tensions and drama. You avoid them at any cost, even if it is a righteous cause. By doing so you may reach inner peace, but you can't defeat the evil. People should be faced and get what they truly deserve!

I am not saying you should start a fight with anyone who worships the Devil. What I am saying is that you should show everyone who tries to put you down what you're capable of. The fact you're a worker of pure light does not mean you should allow others to treat you bad.

If there is something you don't like about a person, then say it to them. Face them, this is how you show them who you truly are, this is how you can make them understand what you stand for.

Protect yourself

It is time for you to protect yourself in the third dimension. As long as you don't do it people will exploit you as it is in human nature to target the easy prey. Humans function a lot like animals, I know it's harsh, but it is true!

So use some of your energies to ground yourself in the third dimension, this way you can distance those who only use you.

Stop seeing black and white

I know it is on your heart to bring heaven energies on mother Earth, but trust me, just by thinking this way you are contributing a lot to the upgrade of human's frequency. Being a lightworker does not mean one should be positive more than needed the whole time. If you do this, you hurt yourself. And a lightworker shouldn't heart their self.

When others attack you and you don't react at all, you get passive. And being passive is another wasted talent. You should get up, see the reality for what it is and react.

Start to lessen the amount of light you offer. By seeing black and white you may end up being a prey of those who project into you.

React when others trie to project to you

Being a lightworker, you can easily fall for the psychological tricks others do to you. It is very damaging for your true self, as when others create your reality, they're the masters of it. Not you! You're the zombie who follows the instructions. 

Now that I  am grounding, I can easily see through the projections that they trie to infect me with. And I react. I show them I am the one who creates my reality!

Even God punishes

God loves us without conditions, but he punishes! A God who does not react, is a God that does not exist. So, do you want to let everyone interfere in your life's decisions, in your life's path. For sure not, it is time that you step out of the situations that damage your personal vibration.

Love without conditions, but get grounded

Application of love without conditions in the third dimension is hard to be achieved, only a few have mastered such art. This is a journey, not a one time thing. Lessons should be learned, not skipped. As a lightoworker you share love without conditions with everyone, but not everyone is ready for it. Because they fear it, they reject it from within, that's why they can't receive it. It is not their fault, forgive them, but give them the love they can accept, not the one you want to give them. They're not ready for it!

Set boundaries with people

As I mentioned earlier in this blog post, usually, people attack the weakest target. This is how most view their journey in here. And you being a lightwoker, make friends very easily. You open your beautiful heart to almost anyone you meet. This is not a good thing. Not only it is not good, but it is a bad one.

Boundaries with people is one of the most important key hacks when it comes to protecting your personal space. There is nothing wrong with cutting connections. People deserve to know about you as much as they deserve.

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