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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Financial freedom for spiritual people, second part

In the previous part of financial freedom for spiritual people series, I did a short introduction on how one can make money on the Internet so they can own their body, to detach completely from the matrix which majority of the people is experiencing life.

This second part, is going to help you guys, get in touch with a few experts who offer free financial consulences via phone with the main objective of helping people to make money in online trading platforms.

Personally, I have earned about 140 euros this month, enough to buy some fresh food, pay the internet and get a new pair of sneakers. For sure that the guys who have helped me have earned more than me as they get a percentage as financial brokers, but that does not bother me.

Having experienced rock bottom, I have gone through many dark days. Thanks God, I am progressing in the physical plane step by step. The key to get out of the rock bottom is patience, slow steps, but right ones.

Spiritual journey brings a lot of struggle, pain and suffering so one can realize the true essence of their soul and start to live their own life from a fifth dimension perspective. When one vibrates in fear, the opportunities they see is very small, almost None.

I have been there, maybe I am still there. And I know how it feels like! I know how it feels to not be able to put food on the table.

As I have mentioned before, there is so many money making opportunities on Internet which do not require a lot of time and investment. Online trading is one of them. Ten minutes a day of your time you have to spend, to make at least 200 euros per month, in the beginning.

Get rid of your own fears and start to take life easy, get a little bit adventurous, stop thinking about loss. The main reason why you're failing is because you are projecting your insecurities in the third dimension.

Everything is energy, vibration and frequency. You attract the reality which matches your inner energies, that's how Universe works.

And if you want to change your financial status, so you can put fresh food on the table during rock bottom, you have to believe in a better reality. Only this way you can manifest it!

Give it a try in the online trading. It is helping me, if you think it will work for you too, it will probably will. The guys I am working with, can be found through their website, all you have to do is register for free by filling the form. It takes only a few seconds.

Once you have registered, the guys at CryptoFlash, will send you via email their guide on cryptocurrencies and also give you a call with the main purpose of giving you professional insights on online trading.

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