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Wednesday, March 14, 2018


Financial freedom for spiritual people, introduction

Being on the awake side, life in the physical plane is hard as it requires a lot of resources to survive, especially in the beginning of the awakening.  When one wakes up to the true essence of their soul, they face a lot of hardships, especially financial ones, as they start to live their life based on higher frequencies which is not accepted by the outdated templates that humanity is currently experiencing on mother Earth.

Personally, since the beginning of my spiritual awakening, I have struggled to pay the bills. Putting fresh food on the table, is another hardship everyone out there is facing, especially those who are becoming fifth dimensional beings on mother Earth.

Sometimes it feels so hard, like even God can't help. It is part of the awakening, ego has to die for one to materialize their true self in the physical plane.

Although we're workers of light, we have physical needs too. Lately I have decided to give it a shot in online trading. In the beginning, when I opened my account and made my first deposit, it went totally wrong.  Now that I have hired a personal broker, I have come to the conclusion that going only on your own, not only in online trading, but with all things in life, is a foolish movement to make.

People help other people. That's how it works! Most of the lightworkers, have not managed yet to balance their energies, so they can become receivers too. Receiving is the main problem with them. They give and give, constantly!

As a worker of white light, I do believe it is time for anyone out there on the spiritual journey to start and ground themselves in the third dimension. Money is a tool, everyone needs it to survive in the earthly matrix.

Regardless of the fact most of those on the sleep side view us spiritual people as careless when it comes to money, truth is that financial freedom is truly important, unless we want our body to be owned by the evil masters of the planet.

I am talking about making money online, but what practical methods is available for one out there to start and generate some cash so they can pay a few bills? 

To be honest there is infinite, but from my experience, only a few I have tried. Having experimented with Google Adsense, an online program offered by Google to content creators so they can monetize their work, lately I am not happy at all with the revenue being generated from my website. Long story short, one needs a lot of traffic to generated the amount of money needed for survival in the physical plane.

That's why I am giving a shot to online trading. I am not saying that I am becoming reach, but I have made a few dollars, enough to pay some bills. And the beauty about online trading is that it can operated from anywhere, as long as you are connected on Internet.

In the next part, I am going to explain you guys, in details, how to get in online trading. Le't push our selves to the limits, so we can manifest our lightworker energies in the third dimension and ease the struggle that comes with life in the physical plane.

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