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Friday, March 30, 2018


Famous spiritual worker Doreen Virtue quits New Age and becomes a Christian

Spiritual awakening has been a great experience so far as not only I have realized the true essence of my soul, but I have also experienced the Heavenly vibrations which come from direct connection with the Source, God. Although experiencing love without conditions has been a miracle for me and other souls who have realized the Kingdom Within, it seems that there is evil in the spiritual world too.

Most of the awake people fail to see it, but there is evil! A great soul, who has lately accepted Christ as her savior, is the famous spiritual worker, Doreen Virtue. She is well known in the spiritual community for her tarot card reading and has almost 205 thousand subscribers on her youtube channel.

Having seen Jesus Christ while visiting the Church, she decided to accept the King of Kings as her savior.

And there was Jesus, right in front of me, standing there, well floating really. And he was glowing, he was glow so brightly that I don't even know how I could explain that, but it was this glow all around him and especially from his heart, she says.

Not only she has accepted Christ as her savior, but she also does believe that he is the Son of God, part of the holy trinity.

I went from believing to knowing that he is real, that he knows who you are, he knows who I am, he knows who everyone is, Doreen says in one of her videos.

Personally, I have accepted Christ as my savior too. I am still part of the spiritual community, as there is nothing wrong with using healing abilities which God has given to me to raise the vibration of humanity, but I have also accepted the existence of the Devil. There is so much evil going on in this world, that ignoring its existence is a big illusion.

The ascended masters is part of God too, we all are, but only Christ is without a sin, as he is created in a perfect way by his Father. He did prove that in the cross.

He also is the Son of God. At that moment I knew that he was not just an ascended master. I knew that he was the Song of God, part of the trinity, she says in her video while explaining the main reason for converting to Christianity.

My dear spiritual brothers and sisters, the New Age movement is not Satanic, I am not saying that, but it seems that evil is interfering in the spiritual awakening experience too.

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