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Friday, March 16, 2018


Complete signs you're falling for the ego traps during the spiritual awakening

Spiritual awakening is a life changing experience, one goes from living an ego based life, to a soul based one. To experience the death of ego, means to rebirth, to be reborn again in the physical plane, with a new spirit, the true one. Truth is that such thing does not happen over night, it is a long process, even for those who do believe they're on the awake side.

Although I have been through multiple Dark Nights Of The Soul, I do see that my ego is not dead completely as lately I am falling for some of its traps. Having experienced a twinflame journey, I am going through another rebirth, so it is becoming a bit hard for me lately.

In this blogpost, I am going to share a list of signs which prove one is falling for ego traps during the spiritual awakening. Regardless of the fact that the experience brings a lot of suffering, as ego is experiencing another death, there is nothing else to worry! Everything will be totally fine!

Being on the light side, I do promise that you're going to experience those Heavenly vibrations again in your own being, just be patient. After the total death of ego, Heaven will be activated again within you.

Now, let me give you the signs of one falling for ego traps during their spiritual journey, based on my personal experience with the awakening.

You find yourself reading political stuff

Politics is a hot topic, majority of the people is interested in it. There is nothing wrong with being informed on the latest politics, locally or globally, to know what is happening in the world. The problem is when you get stuck in politics and project your life outcome based on decisions of a few, of the evil masters who control everything, from oil price to the media outlet you are subscribed to.

You believe others more than yourself

A key sign which proves one is awake, is their trust in their true essence of the soul. As long as ego is not completely dead, it tricks one to believe others more than themselves. Although the true power is within us, as is Kingdom Of God, during the ego traps stage of the spiritual awakening, one tends to hope for the solution of their problems in others.

You fall for material desires

The materialism which humanity is currently experiencing, is pressuring each one of us to become part of it, constantly. Such pressure, exploits those who are living completely an ego based life, also those who is experiencing ego traps during the awakening.

Personally, I am wishing to manifest a new pair of sneakers. This is an ego based desire, which comes from materialism.

You start judging people

Each one of us has inherited specific templates, based on the family they have been incarnated and also the society to which they belong. When one has been mind programmed their entire life, it is the programming which defines their own reality.

Not that I am judging people, like most who is on sleep side do, but I am going through a period in which I am judging my own self. By doing this, I automatically judge others.

You view money as a solution to all your problems

We spiritual people, live life based on unconditional love. Unfortunately we're not in the Garden Of Eden, physical survival is needed in this dimension. Money is becoming a main issue for me lately, I am financially broke. Not even a cent in my pocket!

Although I know everything will be fine, to be honest, I am worrying a bit about money. I am viewing it as a solution to my problems. Deep down, the soul knows the solution, but the ego tricks the soul to look for outer solution, not inner ones.

You start watching news and local tv shows

Local news and tv shows is the main form of brainwashing people. During the spiritual awakening, one feels completely detached from the physical, so they stop watching news or local tv shows. But the ego traps, trap one to go back to their primary stage, to the one which low vibrations rule everything.

This sign is a proof that one is falling for the traps set by ego.

You get angry very easy

Heavenly vibrations make one feel inner piece, the kind which only a few is lucky and strong enough to experience. Anger does not exist at all during such experience. One becomes like a little child, only angelic frequencies.

Third dimension is a very low vibrational environment. By experiencing life in this plane, we do collect a low of negativity, most of which we discharge through anger.

During the ego traps, one collects a lot of low frequencies on their ego, so they become angry really easy.

You get scared of physical death

Physical death is an illusion, which most of the people believe in. The low vibrational they're experiencing, is mainly responsible for believing such illusion. Ego is a bitch!

It tricks one into believing they're just a physical shell. Not that my own ego is making me believe so, but lately I am getting some death panic attacks.

You get lost in your past

Past does not exist. Everyone who is experiencing spiritual awakening, knows this. Past and future exists only in the ego, only in the collector of vibrations and experiences.

When one gets lost in ego, their past hunts them. It becomes a like a ghost, that never leaves them alone. This is another sign of the ego traps.

You think about your future a lot

Like past, future does not exist too. Since everyone can project their own thoughts, they can create their own reality. But the projection happens in the now, not in the future.

During the ego traps, one thinks a lot about something that does not exist, about their future. The future is in the now, it is the ego which makes one think that it is separated from the now.

Lately I have been thinking about getting a good job a lot. I need to survive in the third dimension, like everyone out there, but by thinking this way, I am just projecting my worries in the physical plane. That's why I am attracting a lot of stress.

You start to look for acceptance again

Since little children, we get brainwashed by our society, with the idea that we have to fit in to certain social patterns to feel accepted. Such acceptance does not come from within, it is ego based. The beauty of spiritual awakening is that it makes one understand that they should accept themselves from within, that they're unique.

During the ego traps, one feels like they need acceptance by their society. They get scared as it is the ego which creates the illusions to believe so.

You get stuck in outdated ways of thinking

Everyone of us is being programmed to think in a certain way, only when we wake to the true essence of our soul, we can understand how deep the matrix game runs. It is the ego which saves all the mind programming patterns, forcing one to think the same with the crowd.

Personally I am fish against the flow as I got Christ within me, have always been. Lately things is getting a bit tough, many outdated patterns, that I have not fully cleansed, is triggering me.

Thinking the old way, is another sign you're falling for ego traps during your journey on the path of spiritual awakening.

Toxic people trigger you really bad

When one gets triggered by toxic people, they prove they're toxic too. I am too. I am not a Heavenly angel, I am an earth one. Basically, everything that triggers you, is a problem within you as we interpret the reality based from within.

During the awakening, especially in the beginning, one feels a lot of unconditional love around their heart. Nothing toxic triggers them at this point as they understand why people act toxic, they understand the fact that the vibration of fear is responsible for everything dysfunctional.

During the ego traps, one gets triggered by toxic people really bad as they start to interpret the reality based on ego, the same as before the awakening. 

You look for the solution of problems in the outer world

Most of the people, in the brainwashed state, looks for the solution of their own problems in the outer world. Such way of solving the problems, does not work, it is an ego based one. Truth is that the soul knows everything, the ego tricks us into believing that the solution of our problems is found in the physical reality.

Everyone on the spiritual side, knows for sure that we create our realities from within. It works perfectly, until the moment one enters the ego traps stage.

You get again in matrix based games

Matrix based games is what most of the people play to feed their ego, especially those who is totally lost in an ego based life. I never been into games, it is weakness. Complete weakness, but you can not fully realize it, unless you are spiritually awake.

During the ego traps, one starts to live life again based on ego. They start to play the matrix based games as the ego needs illusions to survive.

You feel low vibrations deeply

When one lives an ego based life, they experience low vibrations such as hate, jealousy, anger and sadness. Lately, prey of ego traps, I am dealing with a lot of anger issues. Never been jealous, never hated anyone.

The whole negativity within me is discharged on Earth, mainly through lonely times in my own room. Most of you who is going through the ego traps right now, will experience all kind of low vibrations.

If you have dealt with jealousy previously in your own life, it will hunt you back, unless you pass the ego traps stage during the spiritual awakening.

Jealousy kills you from within. I am experiencing it with a person, a women whom I truly love and care about. I know it is a very low vibration, but it is part of the awakening. I mean the ego traps.

You vibrate totally on fear

Unconditional love is part of the spiritual awakening, the true vibration worth living. Truth is that during the ego traps, one starts to live again based on fear frequency. When one radiates energy based on fear, they attract dysfunctional realities.

Realities which do not match their true version, their true essence of the soul.

You think you're more spiritually aware than others

Spiritual awakening is a hard path to go through, but everything which comes with it is worth experiencing as it puts one on their true journey, on God's mission. Although personally I never felt I have been more spiritually aware than others, truth is that during the ego traps, those on the spiritual side, start to classify those on the sleep side as toxic, as matrix sheep. It is true in a way, but at the same time an illusion, because everyone is spiritual. Everyone has a soul!

You become more spiritual than others at the moment that you accept everyone has their own journey here on mother Earth, everyone has their own lessons to learn.

You start operating directly from 3D

Third dimension is a very dense environment, a dark one when compared to higher realms. During the spiritual awakening, one starts to become a fifth dimensional being, they operate the physical plane directly from their soul.

Thing is that ego is very tricky, it tricks us to believe illusions. When one goes through ego traps during their spiritual journey, they start to operate the third dimension from a 3d perspective again.

Final thoughts

Although ego traps is a horrible experience to face during the spiritual awakening, truth is that it is part of the spiritual journey. If one does not experience it, they can not face their true self. God knows everything, he or she knows what they do. Be patient, spot the above signs and start to work on your inner issues. Take is easy! Everything will be fine, you're going to experience Heaven again.

If you like, you can contact me on my personal facebook profile. I would be happy to help you, and guide you on the spiritual journey. I have been where you're walking now, that's what makes me the right person to help you. Love and Light brothers and sisters!

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