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Thursday, March 22, 2018


Complete signs you are experiencing deep spiritual growth during the awakening

The whole point of the spiritual awakening experience is the growth of the soul through lessons which Universe brings to those going through it. The growth one's soul experiences during such experience, is so big, that their entire life shifts to a higher vibration, to a better energetic field.

Having experienced spiritual awakening myself, for almost 4 years now, my soul has experienced the kind of growth which has helped me to access the Kingdom Within. In this blog post, I am going to share the complete list of signs which prove one's soul is going through deep growth during their spiritual awakening.

You feel connected to old people

Life which each one of is going through is highly focused on materialism, pushed by the evil masterminds who is in control of the entire humanity. Feelings don't matter anymore. Everyone is on the run, for the paper!

When one experiences soul growth during the spiritual awakening, they start to truly understand how lost they have been in the materialism in their past, and also they do realize what really matters! Personally, thanks to the soul growth I have been experienced, I do feel very connected to elders, as they're just like little children.

Feelings matter for them!

You connect with little children

As many of you may know, little children is already awake as they're part of the Kingdom of Heaven, they have no ego nor attachment in the physical plane. When one experiences deep growth of their soul, they easily connect with little children because similar vibes recognize similar vibes.

Every time I go out at coffeeshops, little children do laugh at me for no reason because they connect with my inner child, which I am exposing in the third dimension without having any fear.

You feel God's energy within you

There is many people in the spiritual community who don't believe in the existence of God. I am not going to argue in here!

Once your soul experiences deep growth, the toxic inherited from your past, starts to get out of your own being. The high vibrations which you feel, is part of God. He or she is pure light, only by becoming pure light you can reset a connection with him or her.

You become fearless 

Everyone out there who is going through the spiritual awakening process, knows for sure that fear is nothing, but an illusion. When the soul cleanses inherited fears in the ego, you discover your true essence, which is pure white light. Pure unconditional love!

And how can one who has reached unconditional love for themselves and others, fear illusions created by the ego? By attachment?!

You don't fear physical death anymore

Majority of the people experiencing life on mother Earth is attached to the third dimension so deep, that they think they're just their physical shell. It is not their fault for thinking so as their soul is in deep sleep, in a toxic state.

When one goes through the awakening, their soul grows to the point that they do realize there is no separation from the creator. In other words they do realize deeply that there is no such thing as physical death.

You become very old in a way

Because of the experiences they have gone through, old people for sure know a lot about life and its meaning. They're very mature in their thinking, as their soul has seen a lot, mostly suffering in the physical plane.

When it comes to sharing your views on life, a lot of times you do speak like an old man. It is the soul who does the talking. And people around you start to recognize the spiritual wisdom in you, so they may even label you names that connect to the elders.

You get very patient

As I have mentioned in my previous blog posts, life in the physical dimension is getting really fast. One has to chase the money for them to survive in this plane. Almost everyone is losing their patience when it comes to money, especially in choosing the ways of making money.

Once the soul grows enough to understand the true meaning of its journey here on mother Earth, one realizes that everything that happens to them has a higher purpose which comes from God. Personally, I am being very patient. With everything!

You want to go to quiet places

The matrix in which each one of us is experiencing life right now, is composed of low vibrations which produce heavily material desires to feed the ego. Not only have humans abandoned nature, but also destroyed most of it.

Nobody wants to connect with nature anymore, all they want is those low frequencies found in the night clubs. There is nothing wrong with that if it is not done heavily...

Once one's soul experiences deep growth, they want to connect with mother Nature. I mean deeply connect with it. During my childhood I had the chance to experience wonderful moments in nature. I have not mentioned it to you guys, but my ancestors used to be shepherds.

You choose your thoughts wisely

As most of you on the awake side do know, each one of us creates their own reality based on thoughts we do process on our mind. The reality which we attract for ourselves is a result of the thought we put out on the Universe.

As one's soul experiences deep growth, they do truly understand how important it is for them to choose their thoughts wisely. Right now, I am experiencing some thoughts on ways to make money, because it is becoming real hard to put food on the table for me, but my soul is telling me that everything is going to be ok. All is happening for a bigger purpose, a higher one.

You detach completely from material desires

Since little children we get attached to the physical stuff, to the material side of this world, because it is our parents and the society which teaches us to do so, through ego projections. Having being taught this way, we start to worship the Beast! Being or not being conscious about it, does not matter.

During the spiritual awakening, the deep growth one's soul experiences, reminds them their true essence, their true origin, unconditional love, God's light! And when one realizes the Kingdom Of God is within them, they stop to exist in the third dimension, to the point that family and society starts to blame them for not having any attachment in the physical.

You want to bring high vibrations on mother Earth

When one experiences deep spiritual growth, they truly understand the meaning of life here on mother Earth and it becomes their mission to update the frequency of humanity. Currently, everyone out there is suffering from the low vibrations such as hate, anger, greed, jealousy and mainly fear. Having experienced the vibration of fear really deep, especially from the inherited templates I got from my parents, I know for sure how one can get lost in illusions by functioning on it.

Not only do we suffer for ourselves as workers of light, but also for those who can not access their own essence in this lifetime. I feel it is my mission to light the path of others.

You want to become a service to others

Humanity is suffering in the third dimension mainly because they is lost in fear, so deep that they're experiencing the kind of illusions which feed the matrix. They have not realized their true essence of the soul yet, the fact that they're part of God.

Once one wakes up to the true essence of their soul, they experience the kind of growth which puts them on the path of helping others. Right now, the way I help others is through my blog posts.

You want to become a servant of God

God is the most high, the pure light who loves us without conditions, no matter what! It is all about unconditional love, but since we did sin in his garden, we are suffering constantly in the physical plane as we are lost in ego. Not many is strong enough to follow God and believe in him or her no matter what!

Only those who have experienced the kind of soul's growth which has made them realize the fact only unconditional love is true, is ready to become a servant of God here on mother Earth.

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