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Saturday, March 31, 2018


Complete signs toxic people is dragging you into their hell during your spiritual awakening

Completely attached to the material part of this reality, deeply lost in the Kingdom of Flesh, toxic people is experiencing hell from within. The low vibrations which rule their life, forces them to look for securities outside of themselves, as their ego needs to feed on dark energy. So it makes sense for toxic people to trigger others so they can feed their desire for making others feel bad. Being spiritually awake, many toxic people have tried to exploit me with the main purpose of forcing me out of Kingdom Within.

In this blog post, I am going to share the complete signs which show that toxic people is trying to force one fall into their miserable hell which they is experiencing on mother Earth. 

Toxic people remind you of your rock bottom situation in an evil way

The dimension in which each one of us is experiencing life right now is composed of very dense and dark energies which is the result of low vibrations such as fear, jealousy, greed and anger. Almost everyone out there is worshipping the material, the Beast. Such attachment creates illusions and keep the toxic people completely away form unconditional love, so they have a desire to exploit others so they can feed their ego with the matrix based illusions.

When one experiences spiritual awakening, they do receive a call from God, to enter in the state of unconditional love, in which truth is seen for what it is and not for what the evil elite wants you to believe it is.

Since toxic people is lost in the matrix, the way spiritual people live their own life, triggers their ego, it is a threat to their ego based reality. Lately, many people who is not awake yet, have tried to constantly remind me about the financial struggles which I am facing in the rock bottom, in a very evil way. Not that they want to help me, but they want to make me feel bad about my physical conditions, so they can feel good about themselves.

Toxic people gossip about you with your relatives

Another way which most of the toxic people do their triggering of those on the spiritual awake side, is by gossiping with your relatives. Note that if lately your relatives is entertaining the gossip, toxic people is trying very hard to trigger you. Having failed in University, I had to face many toxic people in my tribe, who did pretend to care about me while they were consantly setting up conflicts between me and my parents.

Toxic people laugh in an evil way about your awakening

There is nothing wrong with making fun of those on the spiritual awakening journey, or anyone in this world, as long as it does not come from evil roots. Since toxic people don't love themselves without conditions, their internal securities need to be materialized as securities in the physical environment, so they make fun of unconditional love, by saying that it does not have any power. Truth is that toxic people fail to see the power of unconditional love as their life is entirely based on the matrix, pure ego projections.

I have had many people laughing in a very evil way during the beginning of my awakening, trying to make me feel bad for choosing unconditional love over low vibrations such as fear. Some tried to project their insecurities into me, by trying to make me believe that I was not strong enough to continue life in the physical dimension according to the matrix based templates.

Toxic people hate your good work

Being on the spiritual awakening journey, one exposes a lot of toxic as their light sheds the truth there where darkness rules. Darkness is really important for toxic people, as their ego feeds on it. They hate you for your good works, and they express it through low vibrations, the hate they have for you. You can easily spot the low vibrational energy on their facial expressions.

Toxic people setup low vibrational traps for you to fall in them

Another effective way through which toxic people drag you into their hell, is through low vibrational traps which is based directly on the matrix. It can be failures you have had in the third dimension through which they try to project on you. It can be the financial status you're currently experiencing. It can be a dream which you have expressed to them and you have not achieved. It can be anything matrix based.

Personally I did fail college, I failed to become a professional computer programmer. And I am constantly struggling to put food on the table. And I know it is God's will, as only this way one can enter Kingdom Within, by completely detaching from the physical first.

A person which I did keep really close and helped when I was in a good position in matrix terms, once tried to project his insecurities into me. He was watching a football match and called one of the players an amatuer, and at that same time he was staring at me. And I felt the evil in there. Not only he is not apologizing, but he also calls me paranoid lately, he says that I am receiving it in a very negative way, but I know the truth. And this person has tried many times to project one me!

The personal experience described above, is a perfect example to illustrate low vibrational traps of toxic people, especially for those on the awake side so they can open their eyes to similar negative frequencies.

Toxic people keep tormenting you with low vibrations and ego projections

Truth is harsh, but it will set you free. Toxic people feed on ego, they don't stop until you fall for their low vibrational traps. Lately I see and have experienced a lot of bombarding from them, low vibrational bombs which want to destroy my true self.

It is a torture for the lightworker when facing toxic people in group. They will say anything to make you feel bad. Any word which carries a low vibrational frequency.

Toxic people also use ego projection to try and manipulate your reality by reactivating and exploiting your own ego.

Final thoughts

I was once toxic myself. The world has been through a lot of energetic oppression from those who is in total control of mother Earth. I have nothing against toxic people, as I have been myself one, but thanks to the spiritual awakening, I have experienced unconditional love for myself and others. Now I do know and see the truth for what it is, so I forgive anyone toxic for trying to pull me in their own hell. You should forgive them too, but you should also be aware of their low vibrational traps, so you can avoid being caught on them, unless you want to experience real hell.

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