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Tuesday, March 20, 2018


Complete signs Christ is a lightworker and King of Kings

Having passed to Christ consciousness during the spiritual awakening, I am feeling a deep connection to the King of Kings, Jesus Christ. Regardless of the fact that many people who know me don't like this fact at all, I see nothing wrong with it as no harm comes from unconditional love. Truth is that The Savior was crucified in public, and I feel it is my mission as a believer in love without conditions, to speak about The King of Kings in public.

Being a lightworker myself, I deeply feel the work of Christ, his words is perfect spiritual wisdom, which if it is used in the right way, can save one from the Kingdom of Flesh. The purpose of this blog post, is to prove people, especially to those in the spiritual community, that Christ is a lightworker, a wayshower, but not just a lightworker...

The world in which everyone of us is experiencing life right now is based on very outdated templates, that feed on low vibrations, mainly fear. Ego is so big, almost everyone is chasing the material, almost everyone is addicted to flesh. I have been too. Before the spiritual awakening, I have been prey of the low vibrations too, I am not a saint, just a worker of light in this Prison Planet.

Once one wakes up to the true essence of their soul, to unconditional love, they realize that Kingdom of Heaven is within them. And Christ preached about The Kingdom Of Love during his lifetime here on mother Earth.

As a worker of pure light, he told the people that Heaven is within us and everyone is able to access it, to enter it, as long as they believe in love without conditions.

Christ enlightened humanity about Kingdom Of Love

Before the first coming of Christ, people had been completely disconnected from God as they were totally unaware about the true essence of their soul. Most viewed God as a being separate from us, with unlimited power, a punisher!

Christ brought the light to mother Earth, the pure light of God. He made many understand that God is within us, that we're part of him and he also proved that only love without conditions is true.

At that time, people were lost in darkness, in the Kingdom of Flesh. Christ showed us that the true Kingdom, that of God is within us.

Christ told us that we should become like little children to enter Heaven

As a worker of light who has experienced the frequency of Heaven multiple times, I now do understand how import it is for one to become like a little child. Little children have no ego, no sins, they're completely innocent and detached from the Kingdom of Flesh.

Since the Kingdom of God is within us, little children is already part of this kingdom. The little angels, know no manipulation, but only love without conditions. Everyone of us finds inner peace when we spend time with little children, right? Where does this peace come from, have you ever asked yourself this question?

It comes from the Heaven which they're experiencing, from the Kingdom of Love, where everyone of us wants to go. At least, I want to!

Referring to the words of Christ, in which he spoke about little children and Kingdom of Heaven, I decided to share them, as each of them is important for anyone out there who wants to discover Heaven within them.

Truly I tell you, if anyone does not receive the Kingdom of God like a little child, he will never enter it.

Those who is on the awake side, for sure that do truly understand the importance of the above words as they have gone through the death of ego. And when one's ego dies, they do become like a little child, completely detached from the physical.

Christ is a wayshower

A wayshower is someone who opens way for others with their light, someone who exposes the darkness which comes from attachment in the physical dimension and low vibrations such as fear, anger, jealousy and many others.

Since Jesus Christ showed and taught people how to love themselves without conditions by using the Light he was given by God, he is a wayshower, The Wayshower. He opened the way to the Kingdom of Love for many generations. For you, for me!

The King showed and transmitted love the whole time during his mission on mother Earth. So much unconditional love he showed to humanity that they crucified him because they did not understand him, they failed him.

Christ is a shepherd

Both of my grandfathers were shepherds and I know their care for the sheep, I know their struggle to protect the sheep from wolves. I have been with them multiple times. 

The King of Kings is a shepherd that cares deeply about his people, like no other! His light is the main protector in this prison planet.

Personally, the light of Christ is lighting my way too. With Christ within me I fear no evil, I can accomplish the good works. He is all the time with me, and everyone else who has put their faith in him, protecting me from the wolves out there.

Christ is a fish against the flow

Christ is undefinable, but for sure that I understand the way he worked during his time on mother Earth. Not only he was a shepherd, but also a fish against the flow. The flow which we experience life in, is based on low vibrations that bring attachment in the physical world.

We have been taught the whole time during our journey in here that we own stuff. Having being taught this way, we get attached to earthly stuff, mostly physical pleasures. Materialistic pleasures.

One can not understand the point of going against the flow, unless they have accessed the Kingdom of God from within.

Being a fish against the flow myself, for sure that I do feel the constant struggles which comes from the pressure's flow, but at the same time I experience the kind of vibrations which only a few is lucky to manifest here on mother Earth.

Christ is pure love

The vibrations which rule mother Earth is of low frequencies such as hate, jealousy, anger and greed. The attachment to the physical, or to be more correct the belief of owning stuff, is mainly responsible for the state of mother Earth. A state of hell!

And what did Christ do the whole time of his mission in here? He showed unconditional love to everyone, constantly. It is the soul of lightworkers, which finds true joy in sharing love without conditions to others, as only love is true. The rest is ego, mind programming. Matrix!

Christ is so perfect, that humanity was not ready to receive the unconditional love which he showed to them in his first coming in the physical plane. 

And they killed him. His physical shell, as nobody can kill the true essence of God, love without conditions.

Christ loves everyone, even those who hate him

Those who have passed to Christ consciousness, do truly understand how Kingdom of God works, love is the ruler in there. True love! Vibrations such as those low ones we have here on mother Earth, do not exist in the Kingdom of God as it is not one of flesh, but one of pure love, of angelic vibrations.

There is so much evil out here. There is also people who is hating on Christ, on pure unconditional love which he proved for humanity on the cross.

Not only does Christ love those who believe in him, but also those who hate him and his work. He proved it on the cross when he asked his father to forgive them as they didn't know what they were doing.

Father forgive them, for they don't know what they're doing.

Christ has healing abilities

Each one of the lightworkers has their own healing skills, but those of Christ for sure is way more advanced than the normals, as he is the chosen one. During his journey here on mother Earth, Jesus proved his healing abilities through many ways such as by sending away demons from people, by curing the blind and even raising the dead.

God himself has granted Christ powerful and advanced healing skills, so he can help people and heal them.

Christ is the Lion of Light

Every lightworker works in a specific area. On the other side, Christ works through the entire Universe, he proved his light on mother Earth. He is the Lion of Light because he shows unconditional love to everyone, no matter what. To the evil too!

Jesus is a lion of light, he has no fear. He knows no fear. He shows no fear, because he does not have any fear vibration in his spirit.

But what makes Christ King of Kings?

Those like me who believe in Christ, no matter what, accept him as King of Kings. Personally I believe in a world where love without condition rules, and for sure that the King of this world can not be other than the Lion of Light!

Only a lion of light, the Lion of Light can rule mother Earth and higher realms based on unconditional love.

Not only the fact that Christ is Lion of Light does it make him the King of Kings, but also the love and loyalty he has for God, which he proved when he died on the cross. The holy scriptures do say that Satan is the prince of Earth, and in many ways it does make sense as the matrix in which we live in is powered by the fear vibration, by ego and greed.

And Christ, defeated Satan when he died on the cross. He accepted no position in the Kingdom of Flesh when Satan made the offer to him. You see, based on my arguments, everything makes sense, especially to the workers of light.

Final thoughts

Many on the spiritual path is going to judge me for this article, or maybe not. Maybe I am judging myself for thinking so. Truth is that not many people out there do like or believe Christ's mission as a worker of light. For sure there is many who do so, but most don't.

And since the Lion of Light gave his own life to prove that unconditional love is the only real frequency which matters, I love him. And I can not stay quiet, but protect unconditional love like a little Simba.

If you like, you can contact me on my personal facebook profile. I would be happy to help you, and guide you on the spiritual journey. I have been where you're walking now, that's what makes me the right person to help you. Love and Light brothers and sisters!

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