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Thursday, March 29, 2018


3D vs 5D from lightworker perspective

Being on the spiritual journey for quiet some time, as a lightworker, I do fully realize the difference between low vibrational realms and the higher ones. While in the physical plane life experience is really dense since this realm is mainly composed of dark energies, the complete opposite happens in high vibrational planes such as 5D. Having experienced the high frequencies myself during my spiritual journey, I am doing a comparison of 3D and 5D realms with the main purpose of enlightening those in the beginning of their spiritual path.

Time exists only in 3D,  there is no time in 5D

The majority of humanity, or to be a bit more correct let's say the entire humanity, feels the existence of time for the main reasons that they're experiencing life in a physical plane where dark energies rule everything. We have been given the idea of time by those who is enslaving the entire human race and now suddenly everyone is running after it, everyone wants to catch time, something which does not exist at all.

After experiencing deep spiritual awakening, the soul realized its essence to the point that I wasn't feeling time anymore, I mean energetic transformations in the physical environment. The awake soul was floating, connected to 5D higher self.

Different from 3D, there is no concept of time at all in 5D terms.

Space exists only in 3D, there is no space in 5D

The concept of space is physical, a 3D concept. When one wakes up to the true essence of their soul, they do realize that things such as space do not exist in 5D in the same form as it is understood in the plane in which everyone of us is experiencing life right now.

3D is about attachment, 5D is about the opposite

Life on mother Earth is mostly about attachment to the physical stuff. Having incarnated in physical shells, each one of us is attached to the third dimension to a certain degree, even those who is living life from a higher frequency than the normal people.

Truth is that majority of the people is heavily attached to earthly stuff, to illusions which live in the ego. Having gone through major spiritual growth during spiritual awakening, I have experienced complete detachment from the third dimension while vibrating in 5D.

3D is a dual plane, 5D is about union

Life on the physical plane is composed of duality. There is physical vibrations and also spiritual vibrations. On the other side, life in the fifth dimension is about true union, about one's union with the true essence of their soul. As many of you on the twinflame journey may know, it is the 5D in which you and your twin is already one, since this dimension is based on unity.

3D is constant struggle and suffering, there is no suffering in 5D

The majority of the people experiencing life in the physical plane is constantly struggling and suffering, mainly because of the attachment in the dark and dense energies. Truth is that low vibrations rule life on mother Earth, so no wondering why most of us is suffering. And the struggle and suffering never ends, unless one discovers the Kingdom Within.

Those who have truly experienced Heavenly vibrations of the fifth dimension, know for sure that there is no suffering in there as there is no attachment.

3D is fear based, 5D is about unconditional love

The environment in which we are experiencing life right now is run by the vibration of fear. Almost everyone suffers constantly from stress as they are fully attached to the physical dimension. Earthly pleasures and stuff is deeply inherited in human's ego.

On the other side, 5D is all about unconditional love as it is the true essence of the soul which is godlike that governs everything.

3D is mostly manipulation, 5D is about giving

The attachment to the earthly pleasures which everyone of us is experiencing, forces one to fall for evil work so they can keep up the position in the matrix. The manipulation vibration is heavily inherited in human's ego, to the point that they will do anything to protect the physical attachment to which they have been addicted.

On the other side, fifth dimension is about giving. There is no manipulation in there, only love without conditions.

3D has future and past, 5D has only the moment

The templates which one experiences in the third dimension, decide for their past and also for their future too. Each one of us incarnates in a family, in a society and in a county. So the old belief systems is responsible for one's life flow, unless they have experienced fifth dimension.

In 5D, there is only the moment as the highest vibration, that of unconditional love from God, knows no attachment. No attachment to the templates, but only the moment.

3D is very dense, 5D is light

When one experiences life in the third dimension, they collect a lot of dark energies while trying to survive in the matrix. Worries, stress, sadness, anger... All kinds of low vibrations. This way their body becomes heavy, their soul gets dirty. And they feel the heaviness of the dark energies, the heaviness of the outdated templates.

The fifth dimension is based on unconditional love, the highest frequency, the most powerful out there. When one becomes a fifth dimensional being, they feel light. Their body loses all the toxins, all the low vibrations. Their soul too. They feel like they're no longer attached to mother Earth.

3D is only about egoistic self, 5D is about service to others

When one lives their own life completely based on ego, they're so attached to the earthly stuff that they have to protect it by vibrating in low frequencies. One has to protect what they own in here, their money, their house, their car and everything else to which they're being attached to. So they think only of themselves, their world is limited by their ego, by what they is able to see.

On the other hand, 5D is about being service to others. When one becomes a fifth dimensional being they truly do understand that all is connected, that we are all one. Our souls is part of The One, God. And when one has truly realized this they become a service to others, they do help others in every form that they can, physically or spiritually.

3D creates limits, 5D has no limits

What one can achieve in the third dimension is limited by infinite factors which only the ego can code and decode. Limits such as family backgrounds, society development and other low vibrations, limit one to think that they can not achieve something.

5D has no limits as the highest vibration from which it is ruled has no limits. Only those who is awake can understand it. Love has no limits! It does no care about your past or your future. It does not care about your social status, your background or cultural roots. Long story short, it does not care about attachment!

3D cares about status, 5D not

The attachment in the physical creates the need for social status in the society. One can easily see this in the old templates, especially in the ancient times, in which status was the main thing one was being attached to. Nowadays, humanity has evolved to the point that the majority is understanding how egoistic it is to stay stuck in the society's status as it is something which comes from the outer world, not from within. And when something comes from ego, not from Kingdom Within, it can disappear as soon as the energy changes, since everything is energy, vibration, frequency.

Unconditional love, the most powerful frequency leads to Kingdom Within. When one lives their own life based on this frequency, they no longer need status in the society, for they know it is a big illusion!

3D is logical and instinct based, 5D is love based

Since little children, each one of us is being programmed by our parents and the society with what they know, with what they think it works for and benefits us. Truth is that the third dimension is very logical as it is very dense, it is about material, not about the soul.

On the other hand, life from a fifth dimensional frequency, is based on love. And the logic is not of 3D, but of love.

3D is about making it, 5D is about loving

As I have mentioned above in this blogpost, since little children we do get programmed by our parents and our society. We have to become someone in life so we can make it. Someone which they have projected into us, someone which is not us. And by following their patterns, we do become someone, someone who is not us. We create this second persona, which lives in us. We feed this persona, we take care of this persona, until the moment we experience the death of ego.

On the other side, 5D knows no attachment, it is only about love. There is no point in making it in there as there is no ego, there is no point in proving yourself to others as everyone loves themselves for who they truly are. And they love you too.

3D is about planning, 5D goes with the flow of love

When one experiences life from an ego based template, they do plan stuff as they believe in the existence of past and future. It is the low vibrations which create the dense reality that forces one to believe in the existence of past and future, so they live in a linear timeline. They plan stuff for tomorrow.

On the other side, 5D is about going with the flow of love since there is no attachment in the physical, but only unconditional love and the moment.

3D is linear, 5D is the truth

Truth is the humanity is experiencing life in a linear timeline. They are being constantly pressured by the matrix that they have to wake up at 7 in the morning so they can be at work in time. Those who is in control, have easily manipulated us by creating this kind of reality for us. It is a linear reality which those who live mainly through the vibration of fear can not escape. All they do is follow the code.

5D is about the truth, about now. About the moment! What is true now, it is true now! And it is not about some historical truth, is about the universal truth which only love without conditions can bring!

3D can stop existing, 5D not

Since everything is energy, vibration and frequency the material can be destroyed. I know many of you may say that energy can not be destroyed, but only transformed. I am trying to communicate the same, just in a more spiritual way. So stuff in 3D is temporary, as it is the ego which creates the illusions of the existence or truth of something.

On the other side, 5D is infinite as love without conditions is so. The soul, the pure light which everyone of us is composed, is not temporary. It exists forever, even after you social status goes away. Today you're rich as in material, but tomorrow you may lose everything. I mean you may lose all you think you possess, but not your soul, unless you sell it to the Devil.

3D is hell, 5D is heaven

The low vibrations which rule earth and the constant suffering each one of us is experiencing in it, makes third dimension Hell. There is no love without conditions in mother Earth, just attachment to the earthly pleasures and ego.

On the other hand, 5D is based on unconditional love. It is heaven, eternal love lives in there.

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