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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

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Your twin belongs only with you!

The twinflame journey is one of the most difficult here on mother Earth. Right now that I have touched the rock bottom, I really feel it. I feel the whole pressure of the outdated templates in which humanity is experiencing life on the third dimension. 

And it is really hard. Without her is harder. Without my Queen! It feels like I miss my true essence, like I miss the whole me!

Truth is that not many twinflames have managed to unite in the physical plane. Most of them is suffering with this right now, for the main fact that they avoid facing their true self.

And sometimes I avoid my true self too. I mean in a certain way. Although I have advanced a lot as a soul, I still have inner issues to solve. I am getting lost...

The fact she is ignoring me, kills me alive! Or is it my ego making me think so? For sure it is my ego, but sometimes it gets really hard!

I know one thing for sure when it comes to twinflames. They belong with us, only with us! No, it does not come from ego, but from my soul. The soul knows the truth.

We twinflame couples are in here to create conscious families and update the outdated templates which are based on low vibrations such as hate, jealousy, anger and fear. There is a strong reason why God has placed us on mother Earth at this moment in time. The physical union of the twinflames is important for the evolution of the entire humanity!

Are we going to build families based on unconditional love, or low frequencies? For sure on love, but without twinflames this is not possible! It is the twinflames who break the old ways of living, the barriers of all kinds. Twinflames are in here to help their self get rid of illusions, experience unconditional love and share this love with others.

Without your twinflame you can not complete your real mission. The same goes for your twinflame. They belong with you and you belong with them. Only with you!

There are many reasons why I think for sure that your twinflame belongs only with you. I am listing some of them below.

  • You are in here to update the outdated templates
  • You are in here to create conscious families
  • You are in here to give life to rainbow childrens
  • You are in here to bring unconditional love on mother Earth
  • You are in here to live the true love
  • You are in here to become your true self by looking in the true mirror

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