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Friday, February 2, 2018

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Why you should stop chasing your twinflame

Being on the twinflame journey, I can say for sure, sometimes the whole experience on mother Earth feels like hell, especially when your twinflame is rejecting your unconditional love. Lately I have been chasing her and have been through a lot of tears, but now that the view is getting more clear, I know everything happens for a reason.

Those twinflames who are going on the runner chaser dynamic right now, need to stop and start to look in their true mirror so they can start to face the true essence of their soul. When one is away from the real essence of their soul, they can easily fall prey of illusions. Chasing your twinflame, who is known as the runner in the spiritual community, is an action which does not come from love, but from fear.

The illusion of being separated from your own twinflame, is the main reason why most of the twinsouls are suffering right now. And the pain is real deep. The whole fear based programming, unworthy feelings, rejection feelings and abandonment issues, is coming out for healing.

Romance is part of the twinflame relationship, but not the most important one. The love of twinflames is eternal as God himself joined them before the incarnation of souls here on mother Earth. Although there are many traps being set up by ego during such relationship, when one cleanses their old belief systems, they come to the conclusion that there is no runner and chaser, both twins are runners!

Why do I think so?! Because if the chaser, who is more spiritually advanced than the other twinflame, has really managed to materialize their true self in the physical, they wouldn't go and chase what they already have.

The truth is that the separation is an illusion which is created in the third dimension. Twinflames share the same soul, they're already in union, all they have to do is bring higher energies in this low frequency plane.

I know it feels hard, I know how you feel. You feel rejected, abandoned. You feel like you miss your soul, like you're an empty body. Everything happens for a reason and everything is connected. Instead of chasing your twinflame and acting as the one who is more awake than the other one, start to work on yourself. Identify every problem the runner is triggering in you.

Once you have identified every issue the runner triggers in you, start to understand why you're being triggered and do a trace back in your childhood. Personally I have been abandoned by my mom as a little kid, and right now my twinflame is mirroring such issue.

I have to deal with abandonment. Deeply I know my twinflame loves me without conditions, no matter what, but sometimes I feel abandoned by her as I have not healed this issue yet. It's an issue which comes from my childhood.

So what I am trying to say is that your twin is you and you are your twin. Chasing your twin is not going to bring them back, what is going to bring them back is union with your true self. Now, let me list some key reasons why you should stop chasing your twinflame and focus on yourself.

You are your twin and your twin is you

What most of the twinflames don't truly understand is the fact that they are one as they share one soul, God himself has joined them. You have to be always connected to your true self so you can avoid falling prey of the illusions. So now tell me, why should you chase someone who is you?

You don't chase yourself, you connect to yourself

When one is completely disconnected from their true essence of the soul, they operate directly from ego which holds mind programming patterns that come from fear based systems. If you want to have yourself, you connect to it, you don't chase it. All you have to realize is that your true self is already in there, in you.

The more you chase, the more you run

When one is chasing their twinflame, truth is that they're running. The ego based system in which we operate, decodes it like a chase, but the harsh truth is that when one chases their twinflame they're running from their true self. The more you chase, the more you run away from your true self. 

Heal yourself

The whole point of meeting your twinflame is meeting your true self. When one meets their true self, they discover a lot of issues in them which need to be healed. We have incarnated in a specific family, society and country for specific reasons. We are in here to heal ourselves, our twin and our society. As you can see, everything is connected. The more you heal your self, the more your twin heals and the chances of physical union increase.

There is no separation

What feels like separation is nothing, but the heaviness of ego. The reality in this plane is very dense, far from unconditional love. Old mind programming patterns such as skin color, wealth, physical age, is nothing, but illusions of the reality here in the third dimension.

The idea of separation lives in the mind, not in the soul. When the soul takes over, everything gets clear. There is no separation. You and you twinflame are forever connected, to infinite.

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