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Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Why it is important to let negativity out

Personally, I have been raised in a very bad environment. I know energies, I know it is all about energies, that's why I am expressing myself this way. Having incarnated in an environment where fear rules, I have been prey of it.

And the more one fears this life, the less they enjoy it. The connection to God gets weaker when one falls prey of low vibrations. To be honest, negativity is a very bad thing, like a prison. Like a small hell here on mother Earth.

The vibration of fear is responsible for dysfunctional realities. When one works on fear, it is the illusions deciding over their life, not them. 

I know most of the people find it very hard to understand this as they're not awake yet. Truth is that fear is traps of ego, of what society has projected into us. Of what society wants us to be.

So it is important that you let your negative energies out, as when you have them, you hurt only yourself. Yo may think you damage others, but you damage yourself. The negative energies block you, they don't allow you to see clear.

So let the negativity out. Cleanse it from your own soul. Let is out, please let it out...


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