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Monday, February 26, 2018

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Twinflames and God

It has passed a lot of time since the moment I entered spiritual awakening and to be honest I have cleansed a lot of toxic which comes from the dysfunctional templates I have experienced in the past. Although I have experienced a huge spiritual growth, I face a lot of struggle daily as I am on the twinflame mission, one of the hardest God can assign one here on mother Earth.

As many of you guys on the spiritual side may know, twinflames are in here to teach themselves and humanity unconditional love, the true one. And we should be happy for having them, the twinflames, as we must stop the suffering which comes from low vibrations; from the illusions.

Being a twinflame myself, I can surely tell you guys that the journey is pure magic in itself, but full of hardships. One who is on the twinflame path should be really tough as God tests them in all kinds of ways possible.

God himself has created the pairs of twins to prove humanity that the only thing which matters in the Kingdom Of Heaven is love without conditions, pure light. He or She is pure light, light which none of us is worthy to match!

And who better than twinflames can help God on their mission here on mother Earth? Nobody! We twins are God's favorite because our main dream is to bring the energies of Heaven on this planet in which low frequencies such as jealousy, anger and sadness rule! 

Being touched by the Holy Spirit, I do know for sure that God has blessed the twinflames on their mission of teaching humans the importance of unconditional love, of the love which comes from within. Since each one of us has the Kingdom Of God within them, each one of us can become a twinflame, but the truth is that only a few can handle such mission.

The twinflame mission requires strength, faith in God. Without faith in God none of the twinflames can continue walking their hard path in this Prison Planet. Personally I have been tested by the Devil lately, but I choose God all the time, no matter what!

The thing is that the Devil works on the vibration of fear, that's how he or she manipulates people to fall prey of his or her Kingdom Of Flesh. The Kingdom Of Devil is based entirely on materialism, on emptiness.

God's twinflames are in here to show humanity their true nature, their true path; the one which God created them for. To be honest, God created humans to love each other, not to hate each other. The Devil wants that, because the Devil hates us!

Now let me explain you guys the special connection twinflames have with God. A direct connection they have with him or her.

We are equal in front of God

Race, financial status, skin color, country of origin and many other illusions, do not matter to God as he or she is pure light! Anyway, who am I to define God?!

The thing is that twinflames are one soul in two bodies and their union is a symbolic of God's love for humanity for the main reason that twinflames get rid of the whole physical differences once they unite in the third dimension.

God is unconditional love

God is pure light, unconditional love. At least, that's how I imagine him or her. Twinflames are in here to teach humanity unconditional love. This life in here is temporary and most is focused on the material side, but the truth is that happiness comes from within. That's why it says in the Bible that the Kingdom Of God is within us.

God knows no fear

Prey of the low vibrations which come from the earthly plane, humanity has fallen hard for materialism, for the sense of ownership. The more attached one is to the physical reality, the more fears they deal with.

Twinflames know no fear on their mission. Although sometimes the vision of a twinflame gets blurred, they always believe in God as they have no fear in them.

God's Kingdom is based on unconditional love

Although most of us find it hard to accept, deep down each one of us knows the truth. Life on mother Earth is far away from love. We chase money, we look for fake love. We think we should chase love when the truth is that love is within us.

God's Kingdom is the opposite of Earth. Love rules in there, it is the main vibration. Can you imagine a place where the templates are based on unconditional love?

Hard to imagine for those who are not awake yet, but not for twinflames. Twins are in here to build the new templates with the help of God. They're in here to bring a part of God's Kingdom on mother Earth.

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