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Tuesday, February 27, 2018


Law of attraction is Satanic

Being on the spiritual journey for some years now, I am facing a lot of pressure from the Christian community as according to them most of the happenings in the spiritual awakening is a Satanic experience. Personally I am very careful when it comes to the lifestyle people choose to experience here on mother Earth as it is their personal choices, but to be honest, sometimes I feel the truth should come to light.

So what is the problem which concerned me and inspired me to write this blog post? The Law Of Attraction. According to some Christians I am following on Youtube, the frequencies which those on the awake side are picking up, are Satanic.

To be honest I completely disagree with them when they make such claims! I have personally experienced the synchronicities of the Spiritual Awakening and it is the death of the ego which helped me to enter the Kingdom Of Heaven, the one which Jesus Christ mentions in the Bible.

So how can unconditional love be Satanic?! Truth is that it can be not! God is pure light, he or she loves humans without conditions.

Now let's discuss about Law Of Attraction. The thing is that this law is a universal one, it works all the time, you like it or not. As far as my spiritual understanding allows me to see, one attracts what they reflect. No matter if one is aware or not of the Law Of Attraction, it is this law which makes possible the whole experiences in your journey here on mother Earth. In other words Law Of Attraction is part of the Universe, we humans did not invent it, we just discovered it.

In the Bible, it says that the Devil told Eve to eat the forbidden fruit from the garden so this way Eve and Adam could become like God. Yes, we are full of sins, we are so far from purity! And if my inner desire for attracting positive realities based on unconditional love is not allowed by God, then let me be a sinner.

Honestly, I am suffering a lot lately because I am attracting tough situations. But the good thing is that I know why I am experiencing a lot of struggle. I am experiencing a lot of struggle because my inner self is in total chaos. My main vibration is not unconditional love. At the moment I mean.

Does all this knowledge make me a Satanic person?! No way! I am not using the knowledge on Law Of Attraction to hurt others or to gain profits by exploiting the finances of other people. What I am doing is protecting myself!

And God loves me as he loves all humanity. He or she wants us to be kind, healthy and smart. My God does not want me to act foolish or walk the path he or she assigned to me without reflecting back on my previous experiences.

Dear Christians, I believe in Jesus Christ! He is my savior and my king, and I don't find anything Satanic about Law Of Attraction. Jesus himself said that many will come after him and do great things. Law Of Attraction is one of these things, isn't it?

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