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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

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I want to become a web developer, first part

Today is a new day in my life. Like we say in spirituality, to attract a specific reality to you, you have manifest it in spiritual realm first, only this you can master the right skills to materialize your desires in the physical realm.

And right now, I want to go to a new level of coding. I want to become a web developer. And anyone else who wants to become one, follow me. I will not fail you guys, because I am not going to fail myself. 

The journey of becoming a professional web developer must be really hard, from the fact that it is one of the most paid jobs in the reality in which we live today. So we should first start with some research on the field.

Maybe we should start with the kind of technologies out there available for doing web development. Is there a lot of different tools in there? Is it like a ocean.

Yes, it is like a ocean. Many islands in it. And each island has a group of programmers that use a specific technology, totally different from one another. There are web developers who use Django, there is the PHP community, the Ruby guys,  the Node.js ninjas and many others. I don't with which one to start first. 

Different people use different kinds of technologies. The Internet has changed so much. It is not like the old says when there was only html and css. Now there is Javascript,  jQuery and front-end frameworks such as AngularJS. And probably I have misspelled a couple of their names. There are so many... And everyone pretends to know a lot of them, but truth is that they don't know shit. Or that's what some veteran web developers told me.

One should stick with one technology if they want to master it. Personally I prefer a computer programming language called Python. I can easily express my ideas in it, like it is a way for me to materialize myself in the third dimension. A part of me...

We are not going to talk about Python right now, because if I start I am not going to end. Or maybe I will end at a moment in time as they say when one thinks they know it all, they know nothing. Tech is the last thing we are going to do, and we will do it like perfectionists.

First, we need a plan. Coding is all about good working habits. If one has no habits, they have nothing. Not a single line of professional code. Why?! Because the technologies change, they are not static. New features, security fixes and bug improvements. Every one in the world can contribute to the update of the web development technologies and other open source coding frameworks out there. This is the beautiful thing about computer coding. The tools get improved every day.

Everyone contributes to the community. This is one of the main reasons why you should fall in love with computer programming. 

And now let's start with habits. According to some research I have done on the Internet, most of the coders love coding at night as they find it peacefully. I think so.

Having experienced crazy sleep loss in my teens, I personally prefer coding at day. And I want to make it my programming habit.  I want to code professional lines at day. So the first thing which you need to decide since now is this: You want to work at day or at night?

It is your choice. Mine is at day. Good. Let's move to the next step, slowly like the turtle, but in the right path. 

The next step. How many hours can you dedicate to coding, daily I mean. Two hours? Three? Four? None?!

Most of the people is busy hustling to keep their self alive. I know that. I am experiencing rock bottom right now, and I fucking need a skill to put food on the table.  So I am going to dedicate 3 to 4 hours of my time to web development, no matter what!

Make your mind up. This is a wave which I am creating. I am a fish against the flow, not a computer programmer. So if you want to become a developer, dedicate the same time as me. We will swim together, no worries!

I have tried to walk it, but it did not work out for me. Now it is time that we learn to swim in the correct way so we can master the craft of web development.

To be honest I have failed becoming a professional web developer 2 times. This time, I am not going to fail, because I have already won the spiritual war, the battle with me and my old self. This is my new self talking right now. I am going to become a web developer even if I don't get hired. There is a lot of pizza out there to be made.

And beer for sure. So many programming conferences! 

Anyway, I feel like you are making yourself at home in here. I am happy you feel this way. I help myself and you guys, because when I help myself I help you guys too. A better person I become to the society, a better reality we create. Same goes for you.

So now we have come to the point in which we need to decide the technologies we are going to start with.  Or probably do some research on the best tools out there used for web development. So let's start with a research on my mind first.

What is a technology I have used before for doing web development? Html. Yes, it is the language which is used to create the skeleton of a web page on Internet. I am not a master of it, but they say it is an easy one.

How easy? I don't know. I am not a master of it. But let me show you some of the html code I have done in the past.

Without this type of code you can not see Google or any other webpage you navigate, like Facebook for example. And yes, it is important that we learn it. So this is the first technology which we are going to get used with. 

So the plan is to code 4 hours per day (or per night if it is your case) and start with html. Let's start from here. In the next part I am going to do some research on the html technology.

And I will start right now!


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