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Thursday, January 4, 2018

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VIDEO:Women gives up men to have sex with ghosts

End Of Days or not, I am very sure mother Earth and the entire humanity is going through a major frequency upgrade. There is so much weird stuff going on out there, everyone is getting scared for the future to which we are headed to. Being spiritually awake, I am very strong and do not judge others as I have come to the conclusion everything happens for a reason, but sometimes I do get very confused and ask for God's help.

Today I came across a very creepy interview on Youtube so I thought to share it with you guys as I am really curious about your comment on it, especially of the conscious opinion which comes from the spiritual people. The women being interviewed claims she has sex with ghosts, spirits which have not incarnated in physical shells. So creepy, isn't it?

Not only she is not scared by the presence of ghosts in her house, but she also seems very comfortable and enjoys their presence. The scary part is the fact that Amethyst Realm, the women behind this story, has gone on to have more than 15 spirit lovers. She enjoys so much sleeping in her bed with the ghosts that she has decided to quit having sex with real men.

Fake or not, it does not bother me much. What truly bothers me is the future of our kids, the future of the planet. There is so much weird stuff going on one does not know who is who anymore. Can anyone please tell me what is happening to this planet? Can someone explain please?

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