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Friday, January 26, 2018


To understand your true worth, you have to lose your fake one

Most of the people is in deep sleep, stuck at a certain frequency which has been designed by a group of evil masterminds who want to keep everything under their control, their definitive goal is the New World Order. Once I went through the spiritual awakening, my perception for the reality started to change, especially at the point in which I learned humanity has gone through deep mind programming for many centuries.

Since we are little kids, the system uses different ways of mind programming against us with the main purpose of keeping us away from the true essence of the soul, unconditional love. Only by creating the illusion of separation in our own minds, those who love the earthly power can predetermine the flow of our life.

It starts with our parents. All the mind programming patterns which they have inherited from their ancestors is transmitted to us since the moment we start to speak. Although such thing is done without the intention of populating our mind with illusions, it is very damaging for our true character as our parents project their fake self into us. Everyone who is experiencing life in the physical plane, inherits a certain patterns from their family and the local society in which they have planed to spend earthly time before incarnation.

As spiritual beings living a human experience on planet Earth, during the deep sleep, each one of us is attached to the matrix based worth as we are programmed with the belief that one should accomplish something to make a nice name for themselves in the system. It is the attachment to something we are not which is responsible for any action we take in the physical plane.

When one takes their life decisions based on the outdated patterns, it is the matrix which really takes the steps, not them. The same as marionettes who are controlled by the master of the play, people are being controlled by secret societies that posses esoteric knowledge and use it with the main purpose of manipulating humans for their personal gains.

The evil elite, knows really well we are emotional beings and they exploit our weakness through low vibrations, especially through jealousy. They promote materialism through television and internet, with the main purpose of inviting people in the Kingdom Of Satan.

Nowadays, one thinks they should be rich to live a happy life as they have been programmed with this kind of mentality since little children. Being part of the matrix, almost everyone looks for love and happiness outside of themselves. It is the disconnection from God which makes it real easy for mind programmers to deceive people and invite them in the Kingdom Of Flesh.

Not everyone is strong enough to swim upstream. The majority has fallen prey of the mind programming which those who're in power have done to the masses. Lost in deep fear, the majority takes decisions from the pressure which comes from the matrix, mainly pressure about the matrix based worth. Everyday, the dark masterminds, transmit low frequencies to the people through different forms with the main purpose of sucking their soul out of them.

I see it in my local society. Everyone is lost in the idea of having a lot of money to the point they have started to look like zombies. But not only my local society, almost the entire world. Everyone is basing their worth on the material world.

College degrees, professional certificates, expensive clothes, credit cards, billionaire dreams, large houses, latest car collections. These words define the reality of the most, especially of those who have no knowledge of self at all. Bombarded with illusions, each one of us creates an image for themselves, fake dreams which we try to materialize in the third dimension. We create a fake worth, based on which we navigate the matrix. Any idea of losing our fake worth, scares us as such stuff means a ruined life in the opinion of the masses.

Without our fake worth we don't exist in the matrix. Only a few can handle the loss of their fake worth, and they end up loving themselves without conditions.

Personally I wanted to study Computer Science, but my father insisted that I become an engineer so I applied at the engineering college here in Albania, the place where I met my false twinflame. Because I was programmed that without a college diploma I am nothing, I got really attached to it, regardless of the passion I had for knowledge. My relatives and friends used to know me as the nerd who is all about books, until the moment I failed Computer Engineering.

When I failed in college, everyone changed. Even my parents! Some people I used to know started to avoid me. In the beginning I did not understand such thing as I was shocked by the idea of losing my fake worth. Now that I have reached to the point in which I love myself without conditions as I have entered the Kingdom Of God, I do understand that all people who abandoned me when I touched rock bottom, don't really love themselves.

So long story short, we are all programmed until the moment we wake up spiritually. Each one of us has their own definition on life as we have been bombarded by different  belief systems. Everything is energy which vibrates at a certain frequency and as long as we are in deep sleep, it is the code of the outdated patterns which creates our own reality, not our true selves.

At the moment one discovers the true essence of their soul, they can easily realize the life they used to live before the awakening was nothing, but a projection of ego in the third dimension. Such realization is a bit shocking in the beginning, as the past is a lot of energy burned on things and desires which were not yours, but at the same time you get to understand everything happens for a reason.

If I hadn't failed in college, it would not be possible for me to realize my true worth today. God is the greatest, he has created everything in perfection. Now I truly know that for one to love themselves without conditions, they need to detach from the fake realities they live.

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