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Monday, January 8, 2018


Spiritual awakening: The Passive Stage

Spiritual awakening is a very tough experience, very tricky when one falls for the laws of the physical plane as they may think there is something wrong with them for not progressing based on the outdated patterns. The frequency upgrade to unconditional love one goes through during the awakening, is the main factor which is responsible for making them totally passive in the material plane.

There is a stage during the spiritual awakening in which you are totally lost in higher frequencies, completely disconnected from the human being experience and fully connected to God. Because we are in here to bring fifth dimensional frequencies to the third dimension, I like to label it as the Passive Stage.

Being on the Passive Stage myself, I decided to compile a list of signs which prove one who is on the spiritual journey is going through it.

You find it truly hard to wake up in the morning

Well, truth is that most of people hate it waking up early in the morning, but fact is that they like it or not they get up from their bed to play their part in the matrix. Once one wakes up spiritually, they shift to another dimension, it is not about physical accomplishments anymore to feel worthy of themselves, it is about loving themselves without conditions.

Completely disconnected from the matrix, not only you do not wake up anymore early in the morning to be a machine in the system, but also rebel against such social conditioning.

You rest a lot during the day

Spiritual awakening is a very draining experience in energetic terms as once you connect to your true essence of the soul you connect to the collective. The connection to the collective requires a lot of energy as you start to feel everything, even the pain of others.

During the Passive Stage, you truly understand how important rest is for your body, so you stop burning energies on chasing goals predetermined by mind programming patterns and start to take your health seriously. I did not like to sleep in the afternoon, now I do. And I find it very relaxing, very calming.

You stop interacting with people

Most of the people is lost in their mind games, karmic transactions which they need to perform in order to cleanse their past karma. Once you spiritually wake up, you can clearly see how lost they're in darkness, how blind they're to see the truth for what it is so you stop participating in their theatrical play .

You have no desire in accomplishing goals

Those who are not awake yet, see their worth based on the accomplishments which they perform in the matrix, they fail to recognize the fact that the true worth comes from within. Because of this, people is lost in chasing dreams which is not theirs, just projections on the ego that the society and matrix have inserted into them.

Personally I failed in college at the time I met my false twinflame. Such failure made me realize that I should love myself without conditions no matter what. Lately I feel so happy with myself that I do not want to achieve any goal which is connected to the physical plane.

You don't care about the status in the society anymore

It is all about status in the matrix. The car you drive, the clothes you wear, the job you do, the amount of money you spend at the club, the kind of holidays you have etc. During the Passive Stage you become passive to the point that you forget  to get a haircut. 

Once one becomes spiritually awake, they don't care about status anymore as they're deeply connected to the true essence of their soul which is pure white light.

You become an introvert

Going out is not anymore in your list. You love spending time home, especially alone while listening to high frequency music. Friends are worried about your behavior during the Passive Stage as you avoid meeting them at any cost.

You become what they call an introvert, someone who does not like going out with the crowd as they love spending time in solitude with their true self.

You become very quiet

When one enters the Passive Stage during the spiritual awakening they become truly quiet, like they are out of this dimension. In fact they're as the high vibrational frequencies are of Heaven, not of mother Earth.

There is no arguing in Heaven as there is no Karma in there. There is no pain too. Only unconditional love!

You feel like you have no 3D motive

Most of the people in the matrix is driven by simulated feelings and desires. Their main goal is to stack paper so they can pleasure their ego. I was one of them during the Dark Night Of The Soul as I was thinking money was everything because of the rejection I was facing from the false twinflame, a karmic attachment from hell.

Once one wakes up spiritually, they have no motive when it comes to 3D accomplishments such as making lots of money, owning expensive stuff etc.

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