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Wednesday, January 10, 2018


Spiritual awakening: Hacks to get rid of the passive stage

Once one wakes up spiritually, they experience a frequency upgrade so it is normal for them not to fit in the third dimension anymore as Earth is a planet ruled by low vibrations such as hate, fear, jealousy and anger. The more karma one cleanses during the spiritual awakening, the higher they vibrate so it becomes very hard for them to integrate their true self in the physical dimension, a plane which is very dense.

Unconditional love is the main frequency in which those who are truly awake vibrate most of the time here on the third dimension. Life as a human being requires a lot of dedication and concentration on dark energy for stuff to manifest in the physical, so one should be really focused on their goals in order to accomplish them. Truth is that only love is real, everything else is an experience.

The moment I learned the true worth comes from within I started to love myself so much to the point that Heaven became the plane in which I was experiencing life. Heaven is about infinite unconditional love, there is no dark energies such as those that we have here on Earth in there.

When one enters in the Kingdom Of Heaven, they totally forget about the life experience as human beings here on this planet, they become really passive when it comes to the physical frequencies. As you may have experienced, people think you are some kind of lazy weirdo once you pass to Christ consciousness as you don't engage in the physical plane like you used to do before the spiritual awakening.

The higher you vibrate the more you disconnect from the materialism which rules the Prison Planet in which humanity lives in. You enter what I call the Passive Stage in the spiritual awakening experience.

In order for you to quit the Passive Stage and reactivate yourself in the physical plane with the main purpose of accomplishing what you came in here to do, I have compiled a list of hacks which will help you. Any of the following hacks comes from my personal experience with the spiritual journey.

Do the errands for your family

When one enters the Passive Stage during the spiritual awakening experience, they become lazy to the point they forget to get out of their bed. A cool hack you should start with in order to reactivate yourself in the third dimension is to run the errands for your family.

By running the errands for your family, your body will be put in physical activity again which is a great start for one who is going through awakening.

Start to cook your own food

Living with my parents, I never felt the need to prepare the food by myself as my mom does it always for me. Lately, with the main purpose of coming alive in the physical again,  I have started to  cook my own food.

It does not have to be perfect. It is important that you start, like with everything which you would want to master.

Start a blog

In the beginning of the spiritual awakening I was lost to the point that nothing made sense, everything was so pointless, especially during the Passive Stage. A blog where you can share your personal experience you go through during the spiritual journey is always a great idea as it helps one to connect with others who are on similar paths. Not only this, but by updating the blog regularly you reactivate the frequency of motivation in yourself.

Since I started this website, with the main focus on spiritual topics, a lot has changed for me as I wake up every morning with the idea that I have to update it with fresh content.

Go hiking

Hiking is a very effective hack when it comes to getting rid of the Passive Stage during the spiritual awakening as it helps one to burn energies and connect back to mother Nature. There is a small mountain close to the zone in which I live, it is my favorite place right now. Me and my friend walk the mountain by foot very often and it is so useful, especially for me who has been through a very tough time  during the awakening, like everyone else who is on the awake path.

Start reading conscious articles

Each one of us creates their own experiences by the words they use. During the Passive Stage, one does not think at all in third dimensional terms, they barely talk to others. To reactivate your thinking side, I highly recommend you start reading articles on websites which deal with conscious materials. I am listing some online newspapers I started to read after becoming awake down below so you guys can follow them yourself if any of them resonates with you.

Fix stuff around the house

There is so much stuff to do at home. So much to fix.  No matter how small the fix may seem, it is very important for one who is on the Passive Stage, as the reactivation on the third dimension needs an initial ignition.

Start to take a look at your home and carefully find out what needs a fix. And remember, it is the small steps that lead to big achievements. 

Get a pet

During the spiritual awakening is truly important for you to be in good company as sometimes the experience gets so tough it feels like the entire world is against you. Since those on the awake side is a very small number when compared to the entire population, it is really hard for one to find a spiritually awake person close to their local area. Almost impossible!

But you can always get a pet. I would love to have a cat right now, but unfortunately my parents don't like my desire as they're tired feeding me with food. And in some way they're right, but to be honest I will get me a fat cat no matter what.

A pet needs to be taken care of, so by owning one you will get active during the Passive Stage of the spiritual awakening experience.

Keep a diary

I have always had a hard time expressing my feelings. After I entered the spiritual awakening, everything changed. I am letting stuff out.

By keeping a diary during the Passive Stage, you keep track of your own personal experiences and this way you will have a  better view, a detailed one, on what is happening to your life. A diary is a great idea, don't you think so?

Start to draw stuff

An easy but useful way to materialize your true self in the third dimension during the Passive Stage, is drawing. By drawing you are going to activate that part of mind which goes to sleep during this stage. It is also a great hack to activate your frozen muscles.

Play with a small ball

While at home, start to play with a small ball. This way you can teach your body again the frequencies of the material plane. Such hack will help you gradually adjust in the third dimension during the Passive Stage.

Trust me, it is very useful and entertaining at the same time.

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