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Friday, January 5, 2018

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Sharia Law Patrols in London: Stop drinking alcohol

As more Muslims migrate to Europe, the desire for putting Christ's land under the control of Sharia Law gets higher and higher. European citizens are being tortured daily by the psychological pressure which comes from the outdated templates based on low vibrations such as hate, jealousy, anger and fear. 

Europe's root is the consciousness of Christ, unconditional love. There is no place for darkness and evil in it as God himself lives in there. Unfortunately Muslims can not handle the amount of light Europe is offering to them so they're running back to what they know and think to be as the definitive truth.

Sharia Law is the system in which Muslims want to live as they believe it is God's will. Not only this, but they want everyone on this world to live under the Islam, no matter if it is people's free will or not.

Lately many zones of Europe is being patrolled by what is labeled by the mainstream media as Sharia Patrols. The purpose of this Muslim patrols is to make sure that the inhabitants of the zones under their control are living their lives by practicing the Sharia Law.

And yes, this is happening in Europe where Jesus Christ is king. Everything is getting so chaotic, an immediate rebirth through spiritual awakening is necessary for the continuation of harmonic coexistence of different religious communities.

But as I write, Sharia Patrols are doing their job with the main purpose of forcing Islam on Europe first and then the entire world. The Muslim patrols are forcing people to stop drink alcohol in the park, insulting women who do not fit the way of dressing described in the Holy Quran and also beating up those who do not obey to their orders. 

You like it or not, East London is being patrolled by Sharia Patrols. Belgium and Sweden too. So if someone comes in the park while you drink beer and starts to stop you from enjoying some quiet time after hard work there is a high chance they come from the Muslim patrols. Especially if they act friendly in the beginning as it is in their philosophy of conquering to use the Trojan Horse tactic.

When Muslim patrols see women dressing in short skirts, they don't hesitate to call them prostitutes loudly in the public. "Get the prostitutes of our streets!", members of the Sharia Law patrols shout out in the streets while they guard the territories they control.

Now imagine them stopping your sister in the street. I don't know what God these Muslims are praying to, but for sure it is not my God!

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