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Friday, January 5, 2018

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Restaurant Banner: Muslims get out

As the world goes through a major shift in its vibration, people have fallen prey of the hate frequency as it is easier this way. Religious problems is being born in every corner of the world, especially in those areas being controlled by Sharia Patrols.

The tensions being caused by radical Islam in Europe and United States Of America, have forced the native people of these two continents, to wake up and fight back. A lot of frustrated indigenous have started to express their anti Islamic views in different forms.

One of them is Daun Ruedinger, owner of the Treats Family Restaurant in Lonsdale, southern Minnesota. He has published a banner outside his restaurant in which Muslims are being insulted brutally, without any kind of mercy.

The following is the banner. It reads, "Muslims Get Out".

But what made the owner of the restaurant take such harsh decision? According to website, Dan has arranged the sign board outside his restaurant in support of St. Cloud where a Somali-American stabbed nine people in the mall.

Although there is a lot of hatred being produced and shared in the world by those who want the entire humanity to work on Sharia Law, hate and ban is not the solution as they produce more negative karma. I know it seems hard, sometimes impossible, but love is the true key to the solution of every problem.

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