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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

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President Trump fires council advising on HIV/AIDS

According to the Washington Post, the actual president of United States, Donald Trump, has fired the entire council which advises his administration on HIV/AIDS epidemic. Members of the council who make national strategy recommendations on HIV/AIDS to the administration of United States, were informed by letter this week on their termination.

Although such decision and others similar to it make more than $150 million in cuts to HIV/AIDS programs, it is a very bad one as it is a stepping back in fighting the epidemic disease. People are getting very angry over such healthy policy as 1.1 million Americans diagnosed positive with HIV/AIDS will not have access to the proper treatment.

Regardless of the fact that HIV infections in the U.S. fell % between 2010 and 2015, the health agency estimates 162, 500 people are unaware that they're HIV positive. Scary!

And what is Trump doing to take care of those who are suffering from HIV/AIDS? He is adding more money to the 2018 fiscal year budget by shutting down health projects.

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