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Friday, January 12, 2018

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Miley Cyrus: 'Satan is my real father'

As the humanity wakes up to many truths which have been kept secret by the evil elite with the main purpose of keeping it under control, a lot of dark agenda gets exposed. The number of people who know about the penetration of the Satanic movement in the entertainment industry, especially in the music business, increases each day it passes. But the main problem is that to the majority, the dark symbolism shared through songs by world wide famous entertainers, does not present any kind of threat which they can clearly see as they're lost in low vibrations such as greed, jealousy, anger, hate and fear. 

Truth is that there is a lot of mind programming done through the music frequencies, regardless of the fact that those who are in deep sleep fail to realize it. It is such failure which gives the cabal a lot of power.

Lately there is a lot of singers who worship Satan, expressing it openly during their interviews on radio or TV shows. Back in 2017, during an interview for a Swedish radio, Miley Cyrus claimed she has a deep private relationship with Satan as he offers her the kind of guidance and nurturing which her earthly father can not.

"Satan is really a nice guy, he is misunderstood. I have reached a point where my relationship with him is stronger than my relationship with my earthly father.",  Miley said to the radio hosts.

Yes, he is a very nice guy. He loves to keep people under a Prison Planet in which low frequencies control everything and flesh is being adored to the point that God is abandoned by almost everyone. Anyone who believes in Satan has lost their soul as he is the King Of Flesh, of the material side of this experience here on Earth.

Anyone who has passed to Christ consciousness can easily separate truth from fake, but the thing is that most of the people is being deceived through low vibrations mainly by the mind programming that is pushed by Illuminati through the music frequencies. Once I realized the true essence of my soul, unconditional love, I also realized the fact that humanity is bombarded each moment it passes with dark energy. Media does it all the time, it pushes the vibration of fear with the main purpose of keeping the masses under total control.

Most of the people, without being aware of it, are automatically following Satan the same as Miley Cyrus and other music entertainers who practice dark esoteric knowledge. It does not matter if one follows the Satanic rituals or not, as long as they fall for the low vibrations they unintentionally contribute to the Kingdom Of Satan.

Miley also labeled Jesus Christ as boring, as someone who is a goody two shoes with no life.

"I have been there, done that.  Jesus is ok. He is boring, you know? He gave Satan a bad rap. Jesus is the goody two shoes with no life. I prayed to Satan last Friday. I was in a foreign city, I barely knew anyone. He spoke to me quietly, prompting me to dress like a boy.", Miley Cyrus said during the interview.

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