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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

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Masonic Canada's Prime Minister makes fun of Jesus Christ

Regardless of the fact that the son of God gave his own life for the sins of humanity, people are so cruel to the point that they have started to make fun of him. It is for sure that Christ himself forgives them, but being an orthodox christian, it is my objective to stand up for the true consciousness of the unconditional love vibration.

Jesus Christ was sent by God as his son on mother Earth with the main purpose of teaching people how to love themselves without conditions and humans failed him. They murdered him without any kind of mercy!

And now they're murdering him again, over and over! Those who are behind the New World Order agenda have planed to control the walking zombies by using low frequencies such as hate, anger, jealousy and fear. By promoting love for flesh, the cabal has successfully managed to infect the youth with their poison, with the love for money, drugs and sex. Everyday a new zombie is being born, dead fishes everywhere.

A spiritual war has been raised lately on the legacy of Jesus Christ with the main purpose of making him look like a fantasy. Unfortunately for the evil elite, there is many people who carry the Christ energy. The truth is he lives in our hearts. They can kill his body, but not his soul.

Even the politicians are at war with Jesus as they are deeply controlled by powerful secret societies such as Jesuits, Freemasons and Illumination. The goal of such societies is to put the world under the rule of a selective group of people known as the elite.

This Christmas, the Prime Minister of Canada, showed up in a photo with his own brother, both wearing a pullover in which the Leonardo's Last Supper is mocked in a very funny way. The sweater makes Jesus look like a troll and his disciples like alcohol lovers. Such effect is being achieved by using different emojis like shown below.

As the world moves to a New World Order, Illuminati's puppets promote depravity to their followers who have no idea what is truly going on. One of these puppets is Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada. The following is his photo taken while celebrating the birth of Jesus.

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